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Must See! - MARS Humanoid Clearest Image Ever? (W/Supporting Evidence)

by The Mars Pioneer

I have discovered possibly the clearest image of an extraterrestrial humanoid to date. This one should be very difficult to explain away. I was skeptical about the idea of an advanced species living on Mars until I explored this location; Dingo Gap.

All images are taken by the Curiosity rover at the area known as Dingo Gap. Are we really to believe that all these images are coincidental, natural formations in this one small area?
The best part is, this is a short video - there is even MORE at this location. I am in the process of completing a full length feature on Dingo Gap.

I released this video in short form because I could not wait to share my discovery - I am putting together a series of full length, quality videos on a variety of topics related to Mars and Mars anomalies. The full videos will include audio and be of a general higher quality. Please comment, like and subscribe if you wish to see more! This video barely scratches the surface.

Originally discovered by Braedan Van Ord

The Mars Pioneer is a fledgling channel, which will be focused on topics related to Mars as well as the rest of the universe. I look to search for answers to a variety of mysteries while at the same time adhering to accepted Science and Facts, except where strong evidence contradicts. I promise never to make assertions without the most solid possible evidence. I will never claim to have 100% proof of anything based on my own opinion.
This is my first video upload, and it was done in a hurry. Future uploads will be of higher editing quality and will contain audio commentary rather than text (and I apologize for the occasional stray punctuation in this video. I didn't catch it until the video file had been exported).

This video contains both raw images and enhanced versions. My enhancements consist of simple despeckling, sharpening, contrast and minimal color adjustment. No trickery or heavy manipulation. I take this seriously and will only post items worthy of serious discussion.

Image Credit Goes To:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

NASA Raw Image Links:





Main Discovery, Video and Music by:
Braedan Van Ord / The Mars Pioneer
(Video also features at least two anomalies found or covered previously by Joseph White at ArtAlienTV:

Contact The Mars Pioneer: gootvansquid@hotmail.com

Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk4QrQmzxM4


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