super mario 64

Super Mario 64 Full Playthrough (120 Stars + Yoshi bonus area)

Playthrough of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 Notes : - This was recorded on an emulator while using a N64 controller, which explains the smooth joystick ...

🍹 | Super Mario 64 Funny Vines and Memes 2018 Compilation :D | πŸ„

by MemeBoiii
Super Mario 64 Funny Vines and Memes 2018 Compilation :D | Video Original Source: Super Oofio 64 Bart hits Homer with a chair but it's Super Mario 64 Can ...

Super Mario 64 - All Bosses

by YTSunny
A compilation of all 14 boss fights in Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64 without taking damage. This also includes the ending and credits with the 120 star ending.

SUPER MARIO 64 | Nintendo 64 (React: Retro Gaming)

Super Mario 64 played by Reactors! Check out FBE2 for more vlogs, podcasts & behind the scenes! Subscribe: SUBSCRIBE THEN HIT ...

super mario 64 bloopers: Who let the chomp out?

by SMG4
SUBSCROOB β–» Buy some swag! β–» Watch me play STUPID MARIO GAMES on my gaming ...

How Super Mario 64 is Mind Blowing!

by Nathaniel Bandy
Hamsterball β–» How Super Mario Sunshine is Mind Blowing! β–» How Super Mario 64 TRIGGERS You!

N64 Super Mario 64 "70 Stars BLJless" in 42:58:52

by sonicpacker
NEW 120 Stars TAS (2013): This is a tool-assisted speedrun. Visit for more information.

Longplay of Super Mario 64

by LongplayArchive
Longplay of Super Mario 64, played on the NTSC Nintendo 64. This game's version was released on Sep. 26th, 1996. Please give the video a like! Timecodes ...

Super Mario 64 120 star Speedrun World Record in 1:41:12

by Allan Alvarez
Unexpected new world record lol. This was also a great run, but it felt like more mistakes were made on this one than the 1:41:17, and it's probably because of ...

Super Mario 64 100% Walkthrough Part 1 - Bob-omb Battlefield

by packattack04082
This is part 1 of a 120 star walkthrough of Super Mario 64. This part includes Bob-omb Battlefield. Below is a playlist link for this walkthrough. Super Mario 64 ...

315 Ways to die in Super Mario 64

by NormalX71 Videos
NEW!:133 Ways to die in Super Mario 74 See it whenever you want!

Nintendo 64 Longplay [001] Super Mario 64 (Part 1 of 2)

by World of Longplays Played By: RickyC 120 star run. Never tried to get all the stars before. Sound isn't totally perfect and get slowdown in one stage.

Super Mario 64 bob omb battlefield in Super Mario Odyssey [Super Mario Odyssey mod]

by Kyugma
Super Mario 64 bob omb battlefield in Super Mario Odyssey [Super Mario Odyssey mod] Kyugma This is a Gameplay Video from Super Mario Odyssey for the ...

Super Mario 64 vs DS vs HD Comparison Part 2

by Applesauce 2⃣.0⃣
Happy Sunday ✌ Download Link to Super Mario 64 HD: I hope you all are having a great day today. Here's a part 2 of a Mario 64 ...

128 ways to die in Super Mario 64

by Nintendo64Movies
128 ways to die in Super Mario 64. Enjoy, please comment!

Beta64 - Super Mario 64

by Beta64
Super Mario 64 was one of the first video games released for the Nintendo 64, Nintendo's first completely 3D video game console. Through trial and error, ...

[ Unreal Engine 4 ] Super Mario 64 Remake 2018 Gameplay ( 4K 60fps )

by Unreal
Download: [ Unreal Engine 4 ] Super Mario 64 Remake 2018 Gameplay - Cool, Cool Mountain ( 4K 60fps ) ...

Super Mario 64: Multiplayer - Part 1: Who Let The Chomp Out! (2 Player)

by SullyPwnz
Let's get Part 1 of Super Mario 64 Multiplayer to over 2000 LIKES! Mario and Luigi team together to take on 120 Power Stars to save Princess Peach in Super ...

Super Mario 64 HACKING! - PBG

by PeanutButterGamer
If you're new, Subscribe! β†’ PBG Plays Mario 64! β†’ Go here! - ...

SUPER MARIO 64 - O Início de Gameplay Deste Jogo Incrível da Nintendo!

Bilômetro, baixe GRÁTIS e economize $$$ - Vídeo gameplay do jogo Super Mario 64, game clássico lançado originalmente ...

Super Mario 64 DS ITA [Parte 1 - Battaglia di Bob-ombe]

by Poketonx
Benvenuti nel mio nuovo LP! Dico subito che la domanda del giorno è stata una decisione dell'ultimo secondo, quindi... Ye! Sono tornate le domande del giorno ...

Unreal Engine 4 [4.20.1] Super Mario 64 Opening Demo + Download link

by CryZENx
Made this in 2 Weeks after i came back from vacation :) Thanks to aryoksini for his work and inspiring us ! Subscribe β–» | Subscribe for more ...

Super Mario Odyssey but it's actually Mario 64

by Failboat
Super Mario Odyssey... but it's Mario 64? I'm glad I was able to show off this mod because its a treasure trove of funny moments. I found this mod while checking ...

Unreal Engine 4 [4.21] Super Mario 64 / Cool Cool Mountain + Download link

by CryZENx
Just made this for you in time in December, Soon there will be christmas and there will be coming some more demos aswell, Stay tuned!!!! :) Love you all ...

The MOST insane ending to Chaos Mario 64

by SimpleFlips
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Unreal Engine 4 [4.20.1] Super Mario 64 / Bowser Fight + Download link

by CryZENx
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Let's Play Super Mario 64 Star Road (Multijoueur) Partie 25 : Les ennemis farceurs

by OcariKnights
Mario et Dark Mario vont encore une fois tenter d'aller faire l'étoile de la tour de jouet, y arriveront-ils cette fois ?

[TAS] N64 Super Mario 64 "120 Stars" in 1:20:41

by sonicpacker
This is a tool-assisted speedrun. Visit for more information. This video was made by MKDasher, Nahoc, ...

Super Mario 64 DS - Final Boss + Ending

by Typhlosion4President
The final level and boss in Super Mario 64 DS, as well as the ending and credits. -My Twitter -My 3ds FC 1263-7978-2745.

Super Mario Odyssey (2017) vs. Super Mario 64 (1996)

by IGN
We take at how much Mario's changed graphically in the last twenty-one years. There are a few spoilers at the end of the video regarding Super Mario Odyssey's ...