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That Moment I Escaped North Korea

by SoulPancake
We talked with another advocate of the organization Liberty in North Korea, Geum Hyok Kim. Geum is a defector from the ruling class of North Korea who didn't ...

I Escaped North Korea. Here’s My Message for President Trump. | NYT - Opinion

by The New York Times
Yeonmi Park and her family suffered tragically under the North Korean regime. Now she's urging the United States to pressure Kim Jong-un to end the holocaust ...

Highlights: DPR Korea 0-6 Qatar (AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 Group Stage)

by AFC Asian Cup
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Reading Kim's Speech: What to Expect from North Korea in 2019

by Wall Street Journal
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un offered a new gesture of peace in his New Year's speech after denuclearization talks with the U.S. stalled. But his message ...

North Korea's Kim Jong-un warns US in New Year's address | DW News

by DW News
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un used his annual New Year's address to warn that his country may change direction on its promise of denuclearization if the US ...

Pyongyang calling: we spent a week in North Korea

by The Guardian
In rare footage of the North Korean capital, the Guardian gained an insight into what daily life is like for its citizens. Escorted by government minders at all times ...

North Korea's Kim Jong-un takes train to China - BBC News

by BBC News
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has arrived in Beijing by train for an unannounced visit, at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Mr Kim's distinctive ...

Another North Korean soldier escapes to South Korea

by CNN
Another soldier from North Korea defected across the border into South Korea. CNN's Brian Todd has the details.

New Year's 2019: North Korea's FULL celebration in Pyongyang

by Global News
Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, put on an elaborate New Year's Eve celebration to welcome the start of 2019, including fireworks, lasers and dancers.

See How One North Korean Soldier Escaped To South Korea | TODAY

In December, a North Korean soldier scrambled across the DMZ, the heavily guarded border that separates North and South Korea, in a bid for freedom that was ...

North Korea marks 70th anniversary with massive military parade

by Guardian News
North Korea marked the 70th anniversary of its founding on Sunday morning with a dramatic military parade watched by a sea of spectators. North Korean ...

Young North Korean Defectors Find New Life In Modern Seoul | NBC News

by NBC News
For young North Korean defectors, escape from an oppressive regime is only the first hurdle. Next, they must learn to live among people who don't understand ...

How the Kim Dynasty Took Over North Korea | History

North Korea hasn't always been under the totalitarian rule of the Kim regime. Foreign enablers and internal strife have completely reshaped the region over the ...

Inside North Korea

by Sky News
Sky News was the only UK broadcaster invited inside the secretive state to witness the 'demolition' of its nuclear test site. Tom Cheshire reports from the most ...

North Korea expands key missile base

by CNN
New satellite images obtained exclusively by CNN reveal North Korea has significantly expanded a key long-range missile base located in the mountainous ...

North Korean envoy to Italy goes missing

by CNN
North Korea's top diplomat in Italy, Jo Song Gil, has been missing for weeks, a South Korean lawmaker said, raising suspicions that he may have defected.

Visiting North Korea | DW Documentary

by DW Documentary
Few tourists manage to peek behind the iron curtain of North Korea's dictatorship. But the journalist Luca Faccio managed to visit Kim Jong Un's regime. Anyone ...

North Korea's Kim Jong Un makes surprise visit to China | DW News

by DW News
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in Beijing for talks with China's president, Xi Jinping. The visit was announced nearly simultaneously by North Korean and ...

North Korea state TV reports on Trump Kim summit - BBC News

by BBC News
North Korean state television is now reporting that the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, is to meet US President Donald Trump on Tuesday. It may seem late, but ...

North Korean defectors beaten, killed

by CNN
Anderson Cooper talks to Jim Butterworth about his film "Seoul Train," detailing North Korean defectors' journeys. For more CNN videos, visit our site at ...

North Korea's Slow Motion Military - North Korea parade in Slow Motion

by The Guardian
North Korea's Military parade in Slow Motion SUBSCRIBE: The Hermit Kingdom allowed international media to watch its largest ever ...

What Happens To North Korean Defectors After They Escape

by Business Insider
More than 1000 North Koreans try to escape the country every year. They risk being killed, imprisoned, or trafficked, as they escape through China, Mongolia, ...

A soldier escapes from North Korean to South Korea

by ABC News
The young North Korean soldier risked his life by driving across the DMZ while other soldiers were firing at his back as he fled.

North Korea: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

by LastWeekTonight
As nuclear tensions continue to escalate between the United States and North Korea, John Oliver enlists "Weird Al" Yankovic to perform some accordion-based ...

The countries within reach of North Korea's missiles | Did You Know?

by ABC News (Australia)
North Korea has a lot of nuclear power. Watch more from the Did You Know? series ...

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un makes surprise visit to China

by FRANCE 24 English
Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 North Korean leader Kim ...

Inside a North Korean home

by CNN
CNN's Will Ripley gets a rare glimpse inside a typical North Korean apartment and shows an insight into everyday life.

From North Korea, With Dread

by The New York Times
When Nicholas Kristof traveled to the world's most isolated country, he found a nation furious with Trump, and primed for nuclear war — in kindergartens, ...

North Korea’s ‘Army of Beauties’ | NYT

by The New York Times
North Korea, like other nations, sent its best athletes to South Korea in the quest for Olympic gold. But it also dispatched a squad of 230 cheerleaders, sometimes ...

Conan Stars In North Korea’s First Late Night Talk Show

by Team Coco
Live from the DMZ, Conan welcomes Steven Yeun. Plus, a special appearance by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and a guard wearing sunglasses indoors.