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How is North Korea evading sanctions? - BBC News

by BBC News
President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, currently holding talks with European leaders, says "North Korea's economy is in huge difficulty due to international ...

I Escaped North Korea. Here’s My Message for President Trump. | NYT - Opinion

by The New York Times
Yeonmi Park and her family suffered tragically under the North Korean regime. Now she's urging the United States to pressure Kim Jong-un to end the holocaust ...

W5: Inside the secret state of North Korea

by Official W5
W5 is given rare access inside North Korea, the world's most secretive and dangerous country. As Avery Haines reports, you might not want to believe ...

South Korea: North Korea could have 20-60 nukes

by CNN
CNN's Brian Todd reports on a South Korean assessment of North Korea's potential nuclear weapons.

Visiting North Korea | DW Documentary

by DW Documentary
Few tourists manage to peek behind the iron curtain of North Korea's dictatorship. But the journalist Luca Faccio managed to visit Kim Jong Un's regime. Anyone ...

[LIVE/NEWSCENTER] President Moon to discuss North Korea with Italian political leaders..

Trump says next summit with Kim will happen after mid-term elections, not in U.S. ▫ U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis says there is progress in denuclearization talks ...

North Korea marks 70th anniversary with massive military parade

by Guardian News
North Korea marked the 70th anniversary of its founding on Sunday morning with a dramatic military parade watched by a sea of spectators. North Korean ...

North Korea Racks Up Diplomatic Points

by Wall Street Journal
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hosted a friendly summit with South Korea's president, while trying to nudge forward denuclearization talks with Washington.

Another North Korean soldier escapes to South Korea

by CNN
Another soldier from North Korea defected across the border into South Korea. CNN's Brian Todd has the details.

This Is What It's Like Inside North Korea's Luxury Ski Resort | Short Film Showcase

by National Geographic
Get a glimpse of what life is like in North Korea, a country rarely seen by foreigners. Britain's fastest snowboarder Jamie Barrow is our guide around the DPRK's ...

Inside North Korea

by Sky News
Sky News was the only UK broadcaster invited inside the secretive state to witness the 'demolition' of its nuclear test site. Tom Cheshire reports from the most ...

See How One North Korean Soldier Escaped To South Korea | TODAY

In December, a North Korean soldier scrambled across the DMZ, the heavily guarded border that separates North and South Korea, in a bid for freedom that was ...

North Korea Enlisted This Lawyer For The Assassination Of Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother (HBO)

by VICE News
Malaysian lawyer Jagjit Singh has no qualms about working for the North Korean government. After Kim Jong Un's half-brother was assassinated in broad ...

2nd North Korea summit expected after Pompeo's "productive" talk with Kim Jong Un

by CBS News
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says progress was made during a meeting Sunday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Markos Kounalakis, foreign affairs ...

How the Kim Dynasty Took Over North Korea | History

North Korea hasn't always been under the totalitarian rule of the Kim regime. Foreign enablers and internal strife have completely reshaped the region over the ...

A Lighter Side of North Korea? | Days In Pyongyang | CNA Insider

by CNA Insider
"I couldn't shake off the feeling that I may be actually part of a reality show." With speculation that North Korea might be opening up, Channel NewsAsia's Olivia ...

North Korea state TV reports on Trump Kim summit - BBC News

by BBC News
North Korean state television is now reporting that the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, is to meet US President Donald Trump on Tuesday. It may seem late, but ...

North Korea’s ‘Army of Beauties’ | NYT

by The New York Times
North Korea, like other nations, sent its best athletes to South Korea in the quest for Olympic gold. But it also dispatched a squad of 230 cheerleaders, sometimes ...

Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea's Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang

by Channel NewsAsia
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un welcomed South Korea's Moon Jae-in as both leaders prepare for their third summit together. During the meeting, Moon is ...

North Korea state TV praises Kim’s summit with Trump

by CNN
North Korea news reports say Kim Jong Un understood from President Trump that sanctions against North Korea will be lifted “as progress is made from ...

Trump salutes North Korean general

by CNN
North Korea state media aired a 42-minute long video showing behind-the-scenes footage of President Trump and Kim Jong Un's unprecedented trip, including ...

North Korea 70th Anniversary Military Parade 2018 (FULL)

by The Sun
NORTH Korea has staged a huge military parade WITHOUT ballistic missiles - as the regime marks its 70th anniversary today. Kim Jong-un seemingly decided ...

Families divided by war in North and South Korea reunite

by CBS This Morning
Dozens of South Koreans are in North Korea this week, reuniting with family members they've been separated from since the Korean War. The emotional and ...

North Korean defectors beaten, killed

by CNN
Anderson Cooper talks to Jim Butterworth about his film "Seoul Train," detailing North Korean defectors' journeys. For more CNN videos, visit our site at ...

North Korea's 70th Anniversary Military Parade (HBO)

by VICE News
North Korea celebrated its 70th birthday this weekend with a carefully choreographed two-hour long parade — making out to be a spectacle that showed off how ...

North Korea: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

by LastWeekTonight
As nuclear tensions continue to escalate between the United States and North Korea, John Oliver enlists "Weird Al" Yankovic to perform some accordion-based ...

Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang

by VICE News
North and South Korea are, both legally and philosophically, in a state of war. While the guns may be silent, the conflict between the two countries has now ...

Inside North Korea's All-Women Restaurant Chain

by Business Insider
Over 100 Pyongyang restaurants are spread throughout Asia, all owned and operated by the North Korean government as a way to generate foreign currency.

North Korea's Slow Motion Military - North Korea parade in Slow Motion

by The Guardian
North Korea's Military parade in Slow Motion SUBSCRIBE: The Hermit Kingdom allowed international media to watch its largest ever ...

Daily Life In North Korea

by Tech Insider
In August 2015, Getty Photographer Xiaolu Chu toured inside the walls of North Korea. While in the notoriously secret country, visitors are instructed on what ...