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Lucy McBath for Congress: "Jordan"

by Lucy McBath for Congress
Lucy McBath is the Democratic nominee in Georgia's 6th District, running for Congress against Rep. Karen Handel. This is her story. To support Lucy's campaign ...

Mom runs for office after losing son to gun violence

by CNN
Lucy McBath, Georgia Democratic candidate for Congress, touts gun control after losing her son to gun violence. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

Democrat Lucy McBath speaks at Stacey Abrams' rally at Morehouse

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McBath is running for Georgia's 6th District against Rep. Karen Handel.

Georgia 6th Congressional District Debate Karen Handel vs Lucy McBath Oct 23, 2018

by Bjorn Ottosson
Representative Karen Handel (R-GA) debated her Democratic opponent Lucy McBath in Georgia's 6th District U.S. House race. This race was considered โ€œLean ...

Rep. Lucy McBath attends MLK Day celebration at Ebenezer Baptist Church

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The newly-elected House Representative said it's important to bring the message of civil rights back to Washington and remember those who gave their lives for ...

Lucy McBath claims victory but Karen Handel says not so fast

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Georgia's 6th District race appears to be far from over.

Congresswoman Lucy McBath co-sponsors universal background check legislation

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The Congresswoman spoke at a bipartisan press conference in support of the bill.

Marc Silver, Lucy McBath and Ron Davis on '3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets'

by BUILD Series
On Black Friday 2012, two cars pull up at a gas station. One carries a white couple, the other four black teens. Moments later, one of the teens, Jordan Davis, ...

IMHO: Gun Reform & Lucy McBath's Win In Georgia

by WGBH News
Jim Braude on how the Georgia seat once held by Newt Gingrich was just won by Lucy McBath, a woman who ran on a gun reform platform.

Mother of slain teen wins Democratic nomination for Georgia House seat

by Washington Post
Lucia "Lucy" McBath, whose son Jordan Davis was shot and killed in 2012, won the Democratic nomination in Georgia's 6th Congressional District on July 24.

Lucia Kay McBath Chats "Standing Our Ground: The Triumph of Faith Over Gun Violence - A Mother's Sto

by BUILD Series
"Standing Our Ground: The Triumph of Faith Over Gun Violence" is Lucia Kay McBath McBath's memoir of raising, loving and losing her son to gun violence, and ...

Everytown for Lucy McBath

by Everytown for Gun Safety
Lucy McBath is running for Congress in Georgia's 6th congressional district. Find EARLY VOTE polling locations in your county and vote for Lucy McBath for ...

Mothers of the Movement at the 2016 DNC

Mothers of the Movement: Geneva Reed-Veal, Lucy McBath, Sybrina Fulton take the stage at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Lucy McBath Delivers Touching Speech at EEE | 2016 ESSENCE Festival

Lucy McBath, the mother of slain teen Jordan Davis, delivered a heartfelt and touching speech when she took the Empowerment Stage at our 2016 ESSENCE ...

Lucy McBath sworn in to U.S. House of Representatives

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The Democratic representative won the Georgia 6th District in a narrow, upset victory over Republican incumbent Karen Handel.

Jordan Davis - Recap of case and interview with Jordan's mother, Lucy McBath - CNN 2014

by Law Offices of John M. Phillips
Jordan Davis - Recap of case and interview with Jordan's mother, Lucy McBath - CNN 2014 - Our law firm was started in to be different- personal and ...


by Atlanta Press Club
Debate between Republican Incumbent Karen Handel and her opponent, Democrat Lucy McBath.

Lucy McBath Gun Loving Georgia

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'Hillary Clinton isnโ€™t afraid to say black lives matter,' says Mothers of the Movement

by PBS NewsHour
Geneva Reed-Veal, Lucia McBath and Sybrina Fulton -- the mothers of Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis -- spoke at the 2016 Democratic ...

Lucy McBath for Congress: "Georgia First"

by Lucy McBath for Congress

Lucy McBath Unseats Rep. Karen Handel In Georgia

by Roland S. Martin
Lucy McBath defeated Republican Rep. Karen Handel to become the next Congresswoman from Georgia's sixth district. - Join us for #RolandMartinUnfiltered ...

Gun Safety Activist Lucy McBath Wins House Seat in Georgia

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Lucy McBath - We Can End Gun Violence

by Everytown for Gun Safety
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Lucy McBath Talks Standing Our Ground, Lessons She Learned As An Intern To Prepare Her For Congress

LucyMcbath #StandingOurGround #TallBoyExperience Author & Member-elect of the United States House of Representatives from Georgia's 6th congressional ...

Lucy McBath Defeats Rep. Karen Handel In Georgia's 6th Congressional District

by Roland S. Martin
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The Testimony of Lucia McBath

by SenatorDurbin
[WASHINGTON, DC] Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis, testified today at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution, ...

Lucia McBath on the role of race in her son's murder trial

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by Atlanta Press Club

Lucy McBath shares touching photo of son on anniversary of his death

by 11Alive
The congresswoman-elect was spurred to act by her son's shooting death and a mass shooting that followed years later.

Independent Lens | The Armor of Light | Lucy McBath | PBS

by Independent Lens
Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, who was shot and killed for playing loud music in his car, shares what her son was like. Once, after being held up, ...