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Left Handers Day - Behind the News

by Behind the News
Are you a leftie or a rightie? If you're part of the 10% of the population that prefer your left then you're in luck because the 13th of August is International ...

Happy National Left-Handers Day!

by NBA
Celebrate 2019 national left-handers day with some of the best highlights from James Harden, Ben Simmons, De'Aaron Fox, D'Angleo Russell, Joe Ingles and ...

International Lefthanders Day | Why is it difficult to be left handed?

by TN Plus
Being left-handed does come with its problems. A lot of products that right-handed people take for granted can be impossible to use for their left-handed friends.

National Left-Handers Day 2018: 3 Must-Have Gadgets for Lefties

by The List Show TV
National Left-Handers Day is August 13! Like the name implies, this holidays celebrates left-handed people, who just so happen to make up 10 percent of the ...

Drew and You: International Left Handers Day

by KGW News
Drew Carney hits the streets to see what people know about the left handers among us. Subscribe: https://on.kgw.com/2qjvmFg Get the new KGW app: ...

Trivia Tuesday: International Left-Handers Day

by KGW News
This week's edition of trivia is all about left-handers! Are you left-handed? #TonightwithCassidy.

Lefties unite! It's International Left Handers Day

by WKYC Channel 3
Aug. 13, 2019: Are you a lefty? Today is just for you as we celebration International Left Handers Day. Our very own Dave Chudowsky is among the lefty crowd.

Happy left handers day!

Even if this world is not made for left handers, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate their rare dexterity. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story ...

Left Handers Day

by daisy may160
Enjoy! August 13th. Song: Kiss From A Rose- Seal, Love this song. You might learn something new from this video. New videos every Monday. lefties,left,righties ...

Left-Handers Day

by Good Day Sacramento
If you're left-handed then it's your day today! Linda Mumma is in Modesto to get as many high-fives from left handers as possible!

Happy Left Handers Day

by The Spoke
Sunday, August 13 is Left Handers Day, a day for everyone who is left-hand dominate. Lefties tend to be known as people who can't do anything 'right,' but in ...

International Left Handers Day 8.13.19

by Erica Bivens
Any lefties out there? Happy International Left Handers Day! ABC 36's Erica Bivens and Alyssa Andrews put their left handwriting 'skills' to the test this morning ...

International Lefthanders Day

by The Jam TV Show
Kelsie Huff was out live this morning celebrating lefthanders and putting right-handers to the test!

Colin Cowherd lists the 10 greatest left handers of all-time | THE HERD

by The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd celebrates National Left Handers Day by listing the 10 greatest lefties of all-time. #TheHerd #LeftHandersDay #ColinCowherd SUBSCRIBE to ...

Famous Left-handed People Part - 1

by y100269
A slide show with many of today's and yesterday's lefties. You will be surprised! I got this information from http://www.anythingleft-handed.co.uk/famous.html ...

Left Handers Day

by K24 TV
Today is world left handers day, marked on the 13th of August every year. All year round, the left handers fit in with home and office layouts, designed for ...

KHULA SUCH (Left Handers Day)

by newsonepakistan
Khula Sach - Documentaries by NewsOne Pakistan.

Left Handed People - Facts | International Left-Hander's Day | Deepak Pareek

by Deepak Pareek
Growing up, we have always heard one phrase, "Left hand se mat likho" and that made me think "WHY?" I myself am left-handed and I don't see any reason why ...


by BackToGreat
Today is Left-Handers Day or National Left-Handers Day or International Left-Handers Day, depending which source you believe! In this video, I debunk a whole ...

International left handers day

by Channel 10
Steve McGuirk of Lefty's Left Handed Products and Resources visits the desk to celebrate International Left Handers Day.

National Left-Handers Day

by CBS47 KSEE24

Right-Handed People Try Being Lefties For A Day

by BuzzFeedVideo
Can these righties survive being lefties? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: ...

International Left Handers Day | Antharangam | 13th August 2019 | Full Episode | ETV Life

by ETV Life India
Expert Counseling on Psychological & Sexual Health • Well-being, Personality • Self Help, Emotional Stability • Interpersonal Relations • How to deal with crisis ...

The Left-Handers Club!

by Studio 10
Jono Coleman addresses the serious issues plaguing all left handed people! Studio 10 | 8.30am on TEN.

August 13 is International Left-handers Day!

by 11Alive
1 in 10 people are left handed.

Left Handers Day 2014 - our favourite images

by LeftHandersClub
http://www.lefthandersday.com - Some of our favourite images from around the web on Left Handers Day, August 13th 2014. Music is Lefty's Lament by Ian ...

A Day in the Life of a Lefty!

by Becca's Blog
Hello world! Because August 13 is National Left-Handers Day, I challenged my completely right-handed family to attempt simple tasks I do every day with MY left ...

Left Handed US PRESIDENTS : #lefthandersday

by Viral Vidz
This video shows List of Left Handed US PRESIDENTS Created on International Left Handers Day 13th August, 2016 Don't Forget to Subscribe to Channel :) by ...

Fun facts about lefties for National Left Handers Day

by b/60
According the LeftHandersDay.com 13% of the world is left-handed. Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) has more fun facts about lefties. Subscribe to our ...

Leah's video for Left Handers Day

by Expresso Show
http://www.expressoshow.com/ It is International Left Handers Day ,and celebrities, people have been sending in their video messages of well wishes.

International Lefthanders Day - Wikipedia

International Left Handers Day is an international day observed annually on August 13 to celebrate the uniqueness and differences of the left handers. The day ...

Left Handers Day, August 13th - Official Site #lefthandersday

Left handed information and left handed products - raising awareness of the needs of lefthanders worldwide on International Left-Handers Day # lefthandersday.

National Left-Hander's Day celebrates lefties - CNN

13 Aug 2019 ... It's National Left-Hander's Day, a celebration founded by the Left-Handers Club to honor leftie style.

Left Handers Day 2019: a history of lefty oppression | Metro News

13 Aug 2019 ... Today is Left Handers Day, which was founded in 1992 by The Left-Handers Club (a very cool-sounding organisation indeed). What better time ...

Left Handers Day - Home | Facebook

Left Handers Day, Tadworth. 30690 likes · 21 talking about this. Left Handers Day is on 13th August each year and aims to celebrate all the great things...

Happy left-handers day! What percentage of the world is left-handed ...

13 Aug 2019 ... International Left Handers Day is officially here, giving left-handed people the chance to celebrate their unusual status as science reveals more ...

Left-Handers Day 2019: The history behind the celebration and 13 ...

13 Aug 2019 ... Happy Left Handers Day! From scissors and smudged ink to spiral-bound notebooks and impossible-to-use tin openers, the lefties' life struggle ...

International Left Handers Day - Facts and Activities! - Learning ...

13 Aug 2019 ... Celebrate Left Handers Day with these tips on bringing up a lefty with confidence in a right-handed world!

INTERNATIONAL LEFT HANDERS DAY- August 13 - National Day ...

13 Aug 2019 ... International Left Handers Day on August 13th recognizes all those individuals who have mastered using their left hand in a right-handed ...