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How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

by The New York Times
For more than two months, anti-government protests have gripped Hong Kong, with anger rising over China's growing influence. Here are the tactics the ...

Hong Kong protesters stage silent sit-in at Yuen Long MRT station

by Global News
Silent sit-in protest at Yuen Long Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station to mark one month since assailants in white shirts attacked civilians. For more info, please ...

China steps up threats to Hong Kong protesters

by Al Jazeera English
While the protests in Hong Kong over the weekend were peaceful, the Chinese government has continued its strategy of threatening the anti-government ...

Mike Pompeo on Hong Kong protests, Iranian aggression

by Fox News
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins Martha MaCallum for an exclusive, wide-ranging interview on 'The Story.' #TheStory #MarthaMacCallum #FoxNews FOX ...

Hong Kong's Carrie Lam holds weekly news conference amid ongoing protests

by Global News
Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie Lam held her weekly news briefing amid ongoing political turmoil. She said they were on a fact-finding mission to determine ...

Hong Kong: British consulate staffer 'detained at China border' - BBC News

by BBC News
The UK Foreign Office has expressed concern over reports that a Hong Kong consulate employee has been detained at the Chinese border. Media reports said ...

Hong Kong Protests Enter Crucial Period Before China’s National Day

by Bloomberg Politics
Aug.20 -- More protests planned in Hong Kong, including at some subway stations today. But, demonstrators and the authorities are deadlocked ahead of ...

Hong Kong protest continues, regardless of weather conditions

by ABC News
The relentless pro-democracy protests continue as Hong Kong citizens will not stop until their political demands are met, while the Chinese military looms in the ...

Hong Kong: 1.7 million march for democracy

by Channel 4 News
1.7 million people took part in Hong Kong's pro-democracy rally over the weekend, undeterred by torrential rain and the threat of a Chinese paramilitary ...

Hong Kong protests: 'When we are afraid, we start losing' - BBC Newsnight

by BBC Newsnight
International editor Gabriel Gatehouse reports from Hong Kong after the 11th consecutive weekend of anti-government protests. Subscribe to our channel here: ...

Voices from the Hong Kong protests

by South China Morning Post
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube Hongkongers burned offerings for the dead during the Hungry Ghost Festival, ...

Hong Kong protests continue for 11th weekend as demonstrators demand democratic reform

by CBS News
Protesters in Hong Kong turned out for an 11th consecutive weekend of demonstrations. On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through the ...

Where do the Hong Kong protests go from here?

by CBC News: The National
After 11 weeks, demonstrations in Hong Kong are still going strong, but what's the end game? An in-depth discussion with Hong Kong-Canadian broadcaster ...

Hong Kong protests: How will this end? | The Stream

by Al Jazeera English
As Hong Kong prepares to enter its 11th week of mass anti-government protests, the world is holding its breath to see what happens. The unrest was sparked in ...

Chinese Embassy tells Canada to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs

by CBC News
Canada issued a joint statement with the EU in defence of the "fundamental right of assembly" for Hong Kong citizens. The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa ...

Hong Kong Protests Spread Worldwide

by VOA News
Hong Kong pro-democracy protests that started in June have now spread around the world. Parallel demonstration took place in the United States, Canada, ...

Hong Kong police officer: Abuse of my family is unacceptable 香港警司:絕唔容忍對我家人暴力

An anonymous Hong Kong police officer has told CGTN exclusively that he and his family have been abused by radical protesters. His personal information has ...

Hong Kong: 1.7 million protesters rally for 11th straight weekend

by Al Jazeera English
Protest organisers in Hong Kong say more than 1.7 million anti-government demonstrators have rallied through the night. They showed up despite the heavy ...

Hong Kong: March of the umbrellas

by Sky News
Hundreds of thousands descended on high-end Hong Kong Island, determined to "be there" to show their solidarity. As the rain lashed down, the umbrellas ...

Aerial footage shows extent of Hong Kong protest - BBC News

by BBC News
Hundreds of thousands of people held another day of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, after at least 10 weeks of similar demonstrations in the city.

Will Hong Kong protests interfere with U.S.-China trade talks?

by Fox Business
Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Michael Pillsbury on U.S. trade tensions with China and the impact of the protests in Hong Kong. FOX Business Network (FBN) is ...

MyRadio Hong Kong 直播串流

by MyRadio Hong Kong

Canadians join pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong

by Global News
Canadian couple Mary Cheu and Jean-Christophe Clément moved from Montreal to Cheu's native Hong Kong 10 years ago. But lately, they've been feeling ...

Anti-government protesters flock to Hong Kong park for major rally

by South China Morning Post
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube Hong Kong protesters gathered for another massive rally on August 18, 2019.

Hong Kong Protesters Recall Violent Subway Attack

by VOA News
Protesters in Hong Kong brought their message to commuters Wednesday on the one-month anniversary of a subway station attack by suspected gang ...

Protests in Hong Kong reach its 11th week

by ABC News
The ongoing demonstration in China has successfully delayed the proposed extradition bill, but the people of Hong Kong will not stop protesting until the bill is ...

Hong Kong Protests: The Economist live Q&A

by The Economist
Protests have been raging in Hong Kong for months. Robert Guest, our foreign editor, joins Anna Bucks, the producer/director of "Hong Kong protests: what's at ...

Hong Kong protests: what's at stake for China? | The Economist

by The Economist
The Hong Kong protests are the most serious challenge to China's authority since the Tiananmen Square massacre. Read more about the Hong Kong protests ...

Hong Kong divided: clashes continue on eleventh week of protests

by Channel 4 News
It was a tale of two cities in Hong Kong today. On one side of the harbour, thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators chanted "Liberate Hong Kong!

Rifkind: 'It would be disastrous if China intervenes in Hong Kong'

by Sky News
Sir Malcolm Rifkind says it would be "infinitely more complicated" than Tiananmen Square if China sends troops into Hong Kong to quell protests. SUBSCRIBE ...

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Hongkong, Abkürzung: HK (chinesisch 香港, Pinyin Xiānggǎng, Jyutping Hoeng1 gong2, Yale Hēunggóng, kantonesisch Hêng1gong2, englisch Hong Kong ...

Hongkong: Kampf um die Demokratie | ZEIT ONLINE

Hunderttausende Menschen demonstrieren in Hongkong für mehr Demokratie. Die chinesische Regierung hat Truppen an die Grenze geschickt. Lesen Sie hier  ...


Viele Taiwaner solidarisieren sich mit den Demonstranten in Hongkong. Sie alle eint die Angst vor einem militärischen Eingriff chinesischer Truppen. Peking ...

China: Twitter deckt Manipulationskampagne gegen Hongkong auf ...

vor 1 Tag ... Soziale Medien spielen im Konflikt um Hongkong eine große Rolle. Facebook und Twitter haben jetzt zahlreiche Accounts und Profile gesperrt.

Proteste in Hongkong - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Viele Taiwaner solidarisieren sich mit den Demonstranten in Hongkong. Sie alle eint die Angst vor einem militärischen Eingriff chinesischer Truppen. Peking ...

Hongkong – Reiseführer auf Wikivoyage

Die Metropole Hongkong ist eine Sonderverwaltungszone der Volksrepublik China. Sie lässt sich in vier Regionen Kowloon, Hongkong Island, New Territories ...

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Hongkong - China hat schon gewonnen - Politik - Süddeutsche.de

vor 2 Tagen ... Die Protestbewegung in Hongkong hat bei den Festlandchinesen keinerlei Unterstützung. Chinas kommunistisches Regime hat es verstanden, ...