National Nap Day

Corinne Olympios Celebrates National Napping Day | E! News

by E! News
Abraham Lincoln took naps, Michael Jordan takes naps, "The Bachelor" star Corinne Olympios takes naps--and you can too! Tune in. Watch Live from E! here: ...

Nap Time! by nap8sta (official song of National Napping Day)

by michelle maliZAki
Thank you for watching Nap Time! by nap8sta. Middle age Asian mom helps celebrate National Napping Day! It's an official song of National Napping Day (1st ...

Get some sleep, its National Napping Day

by New York Daily News
Naps are good. And you should take more of them. March 13 is National Napping Day. One short nap can help you remain more alert It also can help reduce ...

National Napping Day to promote the benefits of a nap

by 23 ABC News | KERO
March 13th marks National Napping Day, originally founded at Boston University in 1999 to promote the health benefits of a nap.

National Napping Day, Benefits of a Nap

by DTheBroadcast

Daily Holiday - National Napping Day

Daily Holiday - National Napping Day.

Lunchbox Finds Out That It's National Napping Day

by Bobby Bones
Producer Eddie tells Lunchbox that today is National Napping Day on the Early Show Message. Listen to the Bobby Bones Show On Demand ...

Nap Day Youtube

by Napinpod

National Nap Day!! (Daily #570)

by Family Of Hope Vlogs
Ronnie, Melody, Cayden or Elijah ~Po Box 1493 ~Tuolumne, CA 95379 1.) FACEBOOK : ...

Monday is National Napping Day

by ABC Action News
Springing Forward hurts, right? We're all tired because we technically lost an hour of sleep. You know what makes it worse? When the day after we Spring ...

Ben Celebrates National Nap Day...By Taking One.

by Max Cool
Ben explores the world of the nap room.

March 13 is 'National Napping Day'

The day after Daylight Saving Time when we spring forward an hour marks National Napping Day.

National Napping Day 2017 - Bruno Air Conditioning

by Louis Bruno
NationalNappingDay - Bruno Air Conditioning believes in holidays. Today is no different.


by Makayla's Roblox Adventures

Don't lose sleep on National Nap Day

by LDSHospital
The day after clocks spring forward is known as National Nap Day. But Dr. Kevin Walker, with the Intermountain Sleep Disorders Center at LDS Hospital shares ...

National Napping Day!

by KTVF Channel 11 Fairbanks

National Napping Day!

by EnergyFitGirl Happy National Napping Day! Do you like to take naps? Please leave a comment! Hey, want to receive a free gift? If so, just visit ...


by Barbie Necia
National Napping Day is observed each year on the first Monday following the return of daylight saving time. Numerous studies have shown that short 10-20 ...

Nap day

by Zack Ryan

Happy National Napping Day!

by CBS Miami
CBS Miami's Rick Folbaum reports on National Napping Day, which falls right after we change the clocks for daylight savings.

National Napping Day Thoughts

by JWilkins79's Variety Of Videos
My thoughts on National Napping Day and how Sunglasses Man's sleeping bothers me Twitter: @Jamey311 Please, no hateful comments, as they will be ...

Zzzz...It's National Napping Day

by United News International
National Napping Day was March 13, encouraging Americans to take daily naps as part of a healthy lifestyle.

National nap day

by Hamberger901
It's national nap day but Rudolf doesn't know.

National Nap Day

by Michelle Li
Mimi can sleep anywhere, Steve is a snorter, I sleep at work.

60 Seconds Behind the Scenes- National Napping Day Celebration!

by STAR999radio
Today is National Napping Day, and everyone here in our after- show meeting decided to celebrate the best way they know how!

National Nap Day

by MRoyalTea
March 13th is National Napping Day.

pre nap ..nap (day 984)

by therealBRITSofNY
the rain wouldn't quit today.

nap day

by chubbywoawoaextras

National Nap Day - #ChicagonistaLive

by chicagonista
Will you be taking one?

National Napping Day

by GrossGang
It's National Napping Day- Just take nap. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and COMMENT! THANK YOU! Facebook: Twitter: ...

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