The Bachelor -season 23

The 23rd season of The Bachelor premiered on January 7, 2019. This season features 26-year-old Colton Underwood, a former professional football player and charity founder from Washington, Illinois. Underwood finished in fourth place on the fourteenth season of The Bachelorette featuring Becca Kufrin, and also appeared on the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise. On September 4, 2018, during Good Morning America, Underwood was announced as the next Bachelor over Blake Horstmann and Jason Tartick, who are castmates with Underwood in The Bachelorette season 14. Three contestants were first introduced in The Ellen DeGeneres Show on September 20, 2018, will be part of the cast, the rest of the contestants later revealed on the official Facebook page by Chris Harrison on December 6, 2018.



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The Bachelor (season 23)
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StarringColton Underwood
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes8
Original networkABC
Original releaseJanuary 7, 2019 (2019-01-07) 
present (present)
Season chronology
Season 22

The 23rd season of The Bachelor premiered on January 7, 2019. This season features 26-year-old Colton Underwood, a former professional football player and charity founder from Washington, Illinois.[1][2]

Underwood finished in fourth place on the fourteenth season of The Bachelorette featuring Becca Kufrin, and also appeared on the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Filming and development

Casting and contestants

On September 4, 2018, during Good Morning America, Underwood was announced as the next Bachelor over Blake Horstmann and Jason Tartick, who are castmates with Underwood in The Bachelorette season 14.[3] Three contestants were first introduced in The Ellen DeGeneres Show on September 20, 2018, will be part of the cast, the rest of the contestants later revealed on the official Facebook page by Chris Harrison on December 6, 2018.[4][5][6]


This season will feature a visit in Singapore.[7] Besides Singapore, this season will also include visits in Thailand, Vietnam, Portugal and the Bachelor's hometown of Denver, Colorado.[8] The season will also have special appearances from husband and wife comedians Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, actor and comedian Billy Eichner, actor and former professional football player Terry Crews, and The Bachelor Vietnam host Khôi Trần.[9]


This season began with 30 contestants.[6]

Name Age Hometown Occupation Outcome Place Ref
Cassie Randolph[10] 23 Huntington Beach, California Speech Pathologist Participating
Hannah Godwin[11] 23 Birmingham, Alabama Content Creator
Tayshia Adams[12] 28 Corona Del Mar, California Phlebotomist
Caelynn Miller-Keyes[13] 23 Asheville, North Carolina Miss North Carolina USA 2018[14] Week 8 4 [15]
Kirpa Sudick[16] 26 Whittier, California Dental Hygienist Week 7 5 [17]
Heather Martin[18] 23 Carlsbad, California Assistant Program Manager 6 (quit)
Hannah Brown[11] 24 Northport, Alabama Miss Alabama USA 2018[19] 7
Katie Morton[20] 26 Oviedo, Florida Medical Sales Representative Week 6 8 [21]
Demi Burnett[22] 23 Red Oak, Texas Interior Designer 9
Sydney Lotuaco[16] 27 Virginia Beach, Virginia NBA Dancer 10 (quit)
Nicole Lopez-Alvar[23] 25 Miami, Florida Social Media Coordinator Week 5 11-12
Onyeka Ehie[22] 24 Manhattan, Kansas IT Risk Consultant
Elyse Dehlbom[24] 31 Soldotna, Alaska Makeup Artist 13 (quit) [25]
Courtney Curtis[16] 23 McDonough, Georgia Caterer Week 4 14-15 [26]
Tracy Shapoff[27] 31 Rochester, New York Wardrobe Stylist
Brianna "Bri" Barnes[28] 24 Los Angeles, California Model Week 3 16–18 [29]
Catherine Agro[23] 26 Fort Lauderdale, Florida DJ
Nina Bartula[13] 30 Raleigh, North Carolina Sales Account Manager
Caitlin Clemmens[30] 25 Toronto, Ontario Realtor 19
Alex Blumberg[16] 29 Vancouver, British Columbia Dog Rescuer Week 2 20–23 [31]
Angelique Sherman[32] 28 Hamilton, New Jersey Marketing Salesperson
Annie Reardon[5][11] 23 Mequon, Wisconsin Financial Associate
Erika McNutt[16] 25 Encinitas, California Recruiter
Alex Dillon[33] 23 Boston, Massachusetts Account Manager Week 1 24–30 [34]
Devin Gooden[35] 23 Atlanta, Georgia Broadcast Journalist
Erin Landry[22] 28 Plano, Texas Human Resources Manager
Adrianne "Jane" Aver[36][better source needed] 26 West Hollywood, California Social Worker
Laura Pellerito[22] 26 Dallas, Texas Accountant
Revian Chang[16] 24 Austin, Texas Nurse
Tahzjuan Hawkins[16] 25 Castle Pines, Colorado Business Development Associate

Call-out order

OrderBachelorettesEpisode / Week
2301 2302 2303 2304 2305/2306 2306 2307 2308 2309
1 Demi Hannah G.ElyseCaelynnTayshiaHeather Hannah G.Tayshia Hannah G.
2 TayshiaCaelynn Hannah B.ElyseDemiHannah B.TayshiaCaelynnTayshia
3 HeatherKatieHeatherNicoleCaelynnCassieKirpaHannah G.Cassie
4 NicoleAlex B.Tayshia Hannah G. Hannah G.Caelynn Hannah B.CassieCaelynn
5 CaelynnHannah B.CassieTayshiaHeatherTayshiaCaelynnKirpa
6 SydneyOnyekaCaelynnKatieKirpaKirpaCassieHeather
7 ElyseCaitlinCourtneyCassieHannah B.DemiHeatherHannah B.
8 TahzjuanAnnieDemiKirpaKatieHannah G.Katie
9 CassieKirpaNicoleSydneyElyseKatieDemi
10 KirpaHeatherKirpaDemiSydneySydneySydney
11 CaitlinElyse Hannah G.TracyCassieNicole
12 CourtneyTayshiaCatherineCourtneyNicole
13 KatieCourtneyBriHeatherOnyekaElyse
14 Alex D.CassieSydneyOnyekaCourtney
15 OnyekaDemiOnyekaHannah B.
16 ErikaNinaKatieBri
17 Hannah B.ErikaCaitlin
18 TracySydneyNina
19 AngeliqueBriTracyCaitlin
20 DevinAngeliqueAlex B.
21 RevianTracy
22 NinaNicole
23 Alex B.Catherine
24 BriAlex D.
25 Laura
26 Hannah G.
27 Annie
28 Jane
29 Catherine
30 Erin
     The contestant received a first impression rose
     The contestant received a rose during the date
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony
     The contestant was eliminated during the date
     The contestant quit the competition


No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
2311"Week 1: Season 23 Premiere"January 7, 2019 (2019-01-07)23015.13[37]1.5/6[37]
Season 23 begins with Colton and Chris Harrison discussing people's mixed reactions to him becoming the next Bachelor. Later that night, Colton's journey begins as thirty single ladies arrive at the mansion. Demi steps out of the limo first and mentions she hasn't dated a virgin since she was twelve; Caelynn wears a Miss Underwood sash; Cassie brings a box of fake butterflies; Caitlin pops a balloon to represent popping Colton's cherry; Katie makes a joke about taking Colton's v-card; Alex D. dresses up as a sloth; Tracy arrives in a police car; Nicole, Revian and Nina speak in Spanish, Mandarin and Croatian, respectively; Bri fakes an Australian accent to stand out; Hannah G. presents Colton with an empty box to represent him often not wearing underwear; Catherine brings her dog Lucy for Colton to look after, and Erin arrives in a horse drawn carriage. Once they are all inside, Demi steals Colton for the first one-on-one conversation of the night. Sydney, an NBA dancer has quit her job, teaches Colton how to dance. Elyse takes Colton fishing in the swimming pool as she is from Alaska, and Tayshia takes Colton to 'Tayshia Land', where small carnival games are set up. Throughout the course of the night, Catherine manages to steal Colton four times from other women, leading Onyeka to confront her. After much thought, Colton gives his first impression rose to Hannah G. At the rose ceremony, Alex D., Devin, Erin, Jane, Laura, Revian and Tahzjuan were sent home.
2322"Week 2"January 14, 2019 (2019-01-14)23025.64[38]1.7/7[38]
Eight women are chosen for the first group date, where they join Colton at the Regent Theater. Hosted by Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, the ladies are to perform a comedy on a rememberable "first" experience they've had. Colton shares the story of the first time he admitted he was a virgin to a teammate, while Demi stole the spotlight by kissing Colton in front of the other women. At the after party, Demi continued to rub a few women the wrong way when she picked up and played with the group date rose, but in the end, Elyse receives the group date rose. Hannah B. gets the first one-on-one date for the season on the day of her birthday. She and Colton travel to Vasquez Rocks, where they ride horses until they reach a hot tub. Throughout the date, Colton questions whether he's made the right choice with Hannah as they have many awkward moments on the date. Especially, when Hannah B is enable to make a toast. Later that night, they dine on the deck of the RMS Queen Mary where Hannah opens up to Colton about the pressure she puts on herself to be perfect, and in return, Colton gives her a rose. For the second group date, twelve women attend "Camp Bachelor", where they are split into two teams of six to compete for an overnight with Colton. Colton himself along with Chris Harrison and Billy Eichner host the event. The red team emerges victorious after they win the deciding round of tug-of-war. During the overnight, Heather reveals to Colton that she too is a virgin, but that she has also never kissed anyone. Due to her admission, Heather receives the group date rose. At the cocktail party, Demi interrupts Colton's conversation with Tracy by wearing a bathrobe and taking him upstairs to her "fantasy closet", where she gives him a massage. At the rose ceremony, Alex B., Angelique, Annie and Erika were eliminated.
2333"Week 3"January 21, 2019 (2019-01-21)23035.95[39]1.6/6[39]
Chris Harrison drops by the mansion to see how they women have settled into Bachelor life, before dropping off the first group date card. The eight women selected for the date meet Colton at Pirate's Dinner Adventure, where they learn to be pirates. After their pirate training, Tracy and Caelynn are chosen to compete against each other to save Colton, who is tied against a pole. Caelynn manages to reach Colton first and rescues him. At the after party, Demi and Tracy continue their bickering from last week, before Demi blindfolds Colton during their one-on-one time and spanks him with a paddle. Hannah B. tells Colton that she and Caelynn used to be friends while competing for Miss USA 2018, but due to a fallout, they are no longer friends. Colton pulls Caelynn aside and Caelynn lets him know that there's things she's wanted him to know, but she was waiting for the right time in their relationship to tell him. From their conversation, Caelynn receives the group date rose. Elyse goes on the one-on-one date for the week, where she and Colton travel via helicopter to Belmont Park in San Diego. Colton turns their date into a group date, by inviting a group of children with cystic fibrosis to hang out with them for the day. During the night portion of their date, Elyse opens up about the death of her sister. Colton gives Elyse a rose, before they go watch Tenille Arts perform. The second group date sees eight women compete in a series of events to see who can become the Bachelor's strongest woman. Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca host the competition, while Chris Harrison and Fred Willard provide commentary. Onyeka is crowned the Bachelor's strongest woman. At the after party, Colton sends Caitlin home after failing to find a connection with her. Nicole receives the group date rose. The cocktail party is replaced by a pool party, where Colton continues to deal with Caelynn and Hannah B's resentment for one another. At the rose ceremony, Bri, Catherine and Nina were eliminated.
2344"Week 4"January 28, 2019 (2019-01-28)23046.43[40]1.8/8[40]
Chris Harrison drops by at the mansion to announce that they and Colton woud be travelling to somewhere the show has never been before, Singapore. Shortly after arriving in Singapore, Tayshia gets her first one-on-one date. She and Colton walk along the beach on Sentosa island, before they face their fear of heights and go bungee jumping. During the night portion of the date, Tayshia opens up to Colton about her divorce. After Colton gives Tayshia a rose and they end their night on the Singapore Flyer. Thirteen girls are on the group date, where they walk through Chinatown and try leech therapy. Colton also has his fortune read with Cassie. The group always tries some Singaporean cuisine including bull frog, pig feet, eel and fish eyes. That night, Hannah B. gets the chance to talk to Colton after what had happened the previous week with Caelynn, and they smooth things over. Demi and Courtney argue over Courtney complaining about not getting time with Colton, when she does not make the effort to go and talk with him. Demi opens up to Colton about her mom being in federal prison, and because she opened up, Demi receives the group date rose. Caelynn gets the second one-on-one date with Colton, where he takes her shopping and they meet with fashion designers Jeffrey Tay at ION Orchard and Lisa Von Tang at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The night portion takes place at Gardens by the Bay, and Caelynn opens up to Colton about being sexually assaulted in college. Colton shares a story of his ex-girlfriend who also went through a similar experience and how it saddened him to see her like that. Caelynn receives a rose and says she sees herself falling for Colton. During the cocktail party, Demi and Courtney continue to argue after Demi called Courtney the 'cancer of the house' to Colton. Caelynn and Hannah B. sort out their differences and decide to support each other during their journey. At the rose ceremony, Courtney and Tracy were eliminated.
2355"Week 5"February 4, 2019 (2019-02-04)23056.23[41]1.8/8[41]
Colton and the remaining women travel to Khao Lak, Thailand. Heather receives the first one-on-one date, and she and Colton take a traditional Thai boat to Ko Panyi where they explore the markets. During the night part of their date, Heather opens up about how she dated a guy for eight months who had all the qualities she was looking for, but they knew the spark wasn't there between them and they never kissed. Colton gives Heather a rose and afterwards they take a walk along the beach. When fireworks start to go off around them, Colton kisses Heather for the first time. Elyse starts to doubt her connection with Colton, and after Heather returns from her date, she decides to go talk with Colton. Elyse explains that she wants time and attention that a relationship deserves, and that if Colton was to propose to her at the end, she wouldn't be able to accept his proposal. Elyse comes to the decision that she has to leave. The group date has Colton and ten women heading into the jungle where they meet with Jungle Joe who teaches them some survival techniques. The women are then split into three teams to see who can survive based off some rules Joe gave. Colton steals some time away with Tayshia after joining her group. Demi, Hannah B. and Hannah G. went back to the resort and got burgers, water and champagne. At the after party, Hannah B. tells Colton that she is falling in love with him. Onyeka tells Colton that before Elyse left she told her that Nicole was not here for the right reasons. Colton confronts Nicole and she denied the rumour. Cassie and Colton have their one-on-one and they take a boat to their very own private island across the Andaman Sea. On the night portion of their date at Colton's villa, Cassie opens up about the shame she feels from when her extended family and community find out she's not a virgin. After Cassie receives her rose, Colton lets her into his bed where he tells her that he is crazy about her. At the cocktail party, Tayshia and Colton light a lantern and let it off into the sky. Nicole tells Colton that Onyeka has been bullying her, and after Colton brings the claims up to Onyeka, Onyeka gets into a raised voice argument with Nicole. Colton, who tried to sit in on the argument to hear both sides, gets fed up and walks off by himself along the beach. The episode ends in cliffhanger.
2366"Week 6"February 11, 2019 (2019-02-11)23066.23[42]1.9/8[42]
The episode concluded with Onyeka and Nicole continued with their bitter argument, Colton walks away to end the drama with the rose ceremony has starting, Onyeka and Nicole are eliminated. Then the show moves on to Nha Trang, Vietnam. Hannah G. has the one-on-one date, she and Colton have went to a spa to have a massage, rejuvenating therapy, mud bath and a shower. During the night portion of the date, Hannah G. opens up about her parents' divorce, Colton also has his own story that his parents are divorced as well, Hannah G. receives the rose. Eight women are selected on this group date, Colton takes them to do the master of Vietnamese martial art called Vovinam at Nhà xưa ông Hai Thái hall. They divide into two teams, the Red team and the Blue team. Chris Harrison and The Bachelor Vietnam host Khôi Trần have provided judging and commentary. After the Blue team seal their victory, Colton announced both teams will have an after party later in the night at The Anam. During the night portion, Sydney becomes frustrated that she doesn't have much time with Colton where she isn't going a will for love, Sydney decides to leave. Sydney also warns Colton that some of the girls are not ready to be married. Demi tells Colton about her mom being released from prison where she called her on a mobile phone to talk with Colton that they should allow to meet on a possible hometown date, Demi is proud on her mom that she is very close to her. In the end, Tayshia receives the group date rose. Kirpa gets the second one-on-one date for the week, she and Colton have riding on a sampan to a boat where they've caught sea urchins to give a toast. During the night portion, Kirpa tells Colton on her previous engagement where they did not last long, Colton gives a rose to Kirpa. After Kirpa returned to the villa, Demi goes to Colton's room to have a conversation that she has a much difficult time whether she is regretting about the relationship that she decides to move on and she has sent home. Demi, also warns Colton that some of the girls are not ready to be married or for the type of relationship he is searching for. The next day, Chris appears in the villa to tell the girls that the cocktail party has cancelled and will go straight to the rose ceremony. At the rose ceremony, Katie has sent home and she again warns him that some of the remaining girls are not ready or here for the right reasons. Colton becomes frustrated that three women have warned him that some girls are not on the show for the right reasons and is determined to get to the bottom of this.
2377"Week 7"February 18, 2019 (2019-02-18)23076.54[43]1.9/8[43]
After a tearful drama in Vietnam, Colton discusses on Sydney, Demi and Katie's eliminations, he opens up his mind on the potential heartbreak to the remaining women. He and the women traveled to Denver, Colorado, Colton met with season twenty Bachelor Ben Higgins in Downtown Denver to receive advice from him. Later that day, Tayshia gets an one-on-one with Colton to explore the sights of LoDo district along with Colton's dog Sniper where they buy three pieces of salmon at Denver Milk Market and have a drink at Denver Union Station. While having a drink, Colton asks for Tayshia's opinion on the warning he received from Sydney, Demi and Katie. Tayshia states that she doesn't want to name names, but goes on to state that she heard that Caelynn and Cassie were discussing becoming the next Bacherlotte and life after the show; also stating that Caelynn and Cassie stated they weren't ready to be engaged at the end of the show. In the night portion of the date, they cook dinner for themselves at his apartment. Tayshia received the rose. Caelynn gets the second one-on-one date to travel across the Rockies by taking her to snowboard at Loveland Ski Area, Colton teaches her a snowboard lesson as Caelynn stumbles. In the night portion of the date at The Fort, Caelynn discusses the situation between Tayshia and Kirpa and she explains her intentions are to get engaged as well. Caelynn also states that she is in love with Colton. She receives a rose as well and they end up at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Brett Young who serenades the couple. Hannah B. has the last one-on-one date for this episode as she and Colton travel to Parker to meet with Colton's divorced parents. Colton's mom likes Hannah B's willingness to get married and Colton's dad advises Colton to go with his gut in making decisions. In the night portion of the date, the two go to Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum for dinner. Colton feels that he is not "quite there" with Hannah and asks to walk Hannah B. out, leaving heartbroken and in tears. Hannah G., Cassie, Kirpa, and Heather are chosen for the last group date of the season in the Rockies where they hear a historic Georgetown Loop Railroad train as Colton conducts the train to accompany them into the sheer ravine. Heather tells Colton that she isn't ready to bring Colton to meet her family, and she leaves the competition. Cassie and Kirpa begin bickering about the rumors about Cassie and Caelynn. Colton decides he can’t make a decision yet on the final two roses and the remaining 3 women go to Grant–Humphreys Mansion to have dinner later that night. Colton gives out the first rose to Hannah G. early on, and then has conversations with Kirpa and Cassie. Caelynn sneaks out of the mansion to meet with Colton and tells him that he shouldn’t send someone home that he has a connection with because of gossip. At the end of the date, Cassie gets the final rose and Kirpa is sent home. Colton and Cassie pop open a bottle of champagne and toast to close the night.
2388"Week 8"February 25, 2019 (2019-02-25)23086.74[44]1.8/8[44]
2399"Week 9"[45]March 4, 2019 (2019-03-04)2309TBDTBA
24010"The Women Tell All"[45]March 5, 2019 (2019-03-05)N/ATBDTBA
24111"Week 10: Season Finale"[45]March 11, 2019 (2019-03-11)2310TBDTBA
24212"After the Final Rose"[45]March 12, 2019 (2019-03-12)N/ATBDTBA


Tracy Shapoff Twitter content

Shortly after the announcement of this season's contestants, one of the contestants, Tracy Shapoff, came under fire for her offensive posts on Twitter, bashing reality dating shows and using offensive language, dating back from 2009 to 2011. Shapoff later apologized for her comments on Instagram.[27][46]


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