Jojo, JoJo or Jo Jo may refer to:



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Jojo, JoJo or Jo Jo may refer to:


Given name, nickname or stage name


  • Jojo (Bengali singer), Bengali singer
  • JoJo (singer), stage name of Joanna Levesque (born 1990), American singer, songwriter and actress
  • Miss Jojo, Rwandan R&B singer Josiane Uwineza (born 1983)
  • JoJo Billingsley (1952–2010), American singer, soloist and songwriter
  • Jojo Garza, American musician, member of Los Lonely Boys
  • JoJo Hailey (born 1971), American R&B singer, half of K-Ci & JoJo and Jodeci
  • John Hermann, American musician, keyboardist for Widespread Panic
  • Joseph Hoo Kim (born 1942), Jamaican reggae record producer
  • Jo Jo Laine (1953–2006), American singer, model, actress, and rock groupie
  • Jojo Mayer (born 1963), Swiss drummer
  • Jonathan Richman (born 1951), American proto-punk singer-songwriter
  • Joseph Simmons (born 1964), stage name Rev. Run or DJ Run, a founding member of the hip hop group Run–D.M.C.
  • JoJo Siwa (born 2003), American singer and YouTuber


  • Jojó (footballer born 1970), Mozambiquan retired footballer
  • JoJo Dickson (born 1989), player in the Canadian Football League
  • Jojo Duncil (born 1983), Philippin Basketball Association player
  • Jo Jo English (born 1970), American former National Basketball Association player
  • Jojo Lastimosa (born 1964), former Philippine Basketball Association player
  • Jo-Jo Moore (1908–2001), American Major League Baseball player
  • JoJo Offerman (born 1994), American professional wrestler, singer and actress
  • Jojo Ogunnupe (born 1992), Nigerian footballer
  • JoJo Polk (born 1978), American former Arena Football League player
  • Jo-Jo Reyes (born 1984), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • JoJo Starbuck (born 1951), American figure skater
  • Jojo Tangkay (born 1976), Philippine basketball player
  • Jo-Jo Townsell (born 1960), American National Football League player, member of the Hall of Fame
  • Jo Jo White (1946–2018), American retired National Basketball Association player
  • Jo-Jo White (1909–1986), American retired Major League Baseball player
  • Jonatan Christie (1997), Indonesian badminton player


  • Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy, Fedor Jeftichew, Russian–American sideshow performer of the late 1800s
  • Jawed Ahmad (1986–2009), Afghan reporter imprisoned by the American military in 2007, then released without explanation in 2008
  • Jejomar Binay (born 1942), Philippine Vice-President and former mayor of Makati
  • Jojo Chintoh (born c. 1944), Canadian television journalist
  • JoJo Fletcher (born 1990), American reality TV star on The Bachelorette Season 12
  • Jo Frost (born 1971), British nanny and TV personality of Supernanny fame, who addresses herself to children as "Jo-Jo"
  • Jojo Lapus (1945–2006), Filipino show business columnist and screenwriter
  • Jojo Moyes (born 1969), British romance novelist and journalist
  • Paquito Ochoa, Jr. (born 1960), Filipino politician and lawyer
  • JoJo Savard, Canadian self-proclaimed psychic
  • JoJo Wright, American radio host
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, manga


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