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Obtaining An Appropriate Child Custody And Visitation Order
Coming up with a workable parenting schedule may be one of the most difficult things faced by divorcing parents in Georgia. This schedule is essential to building a safe and stable environment for your child. The primary goal of the court is to create a custody and visitation order that is in the best interests of a child. A parenting schedule will address the following issues:

Legal custody – This award is the right to make decisions about a child’s medical, educational, religious and extracurricular activities. This can be awarded jointly or solely.
Physical custody – This award determines where a child should live and can be awarded either jointly or solely. It can also influence the amount of child support awarded. If your child is over 11, the judge may allow him or her to choose which parent has physical custody.
Visitation – Generally, if one parent is not awarded child custody, he or she has the right to visitation.

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