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Yelich remains positive after his injury

⏰ 3:40

Are there more children in custody today than during World War II

⏰ 0:49

Watch LULAC Presidential Town Hall

⏰ 1:59:48

Visitation service for Milwaukee Police Officer Kou Her

⏰ 1:46:18

Milwaukee County Zoo cranes are foster parents to a chick hatched in Baraboo

⏰ 1:37

Here's why local police agencies are banding together to combat reckless driving

⏰ 1:37

These are Wisconsin's Most Valuable Players in professional sports

⏰ 1:39

Copy of Jumping worms in Wisconsin

⏰ 0:39

Brandon Woodruff is tied for the National League lead in victories after striking out a career-high

⏰ 2:07

Watch a robot throw out the first pitch at a Brewers game

⏰ 0:42

Five reporters took five modes of transit across downtown Milwaukee to see which one was fastest

⏰ 5:58

Brewer pitcher Brandon Woodruff had two of the Brewers’ four hits, but he gave up one that changed t

⏰ 2:03

The procession for Racine Police Officer Officer John Hetland

⏰ 1:28

Reliever Matt Albers limits the damage, allowing only a run as the Brewers beat Giants

⏰ 1:36

Christian Yelich described the freak baseball play that deprived him of an RBI in today’s win over t

⏰ 1:04

Often in a hurry? We tried five modes of transportation so you don't have to

⏰ 1:01

Martin Schreiber copes with wife, Elaine's, Alzheimer’s disease

⏰ 5:35

Tour the 'downsized' home of Joan and Tony Beck

⏰ 1:51

Craig Counsell talks about winning despite the strong performance by Justin Verlander

⏰ 2:21

Mike Moustakas on overcoming a strong pitching performance by Justin Verlander

⏰ 2:18

Watch New Berlin kindergartners give advice to high school graduates

⏰ 1:51

Brewers manager Craig Counsell talks about Freddy Peralta and if opponents are sitting on his fastba

⏰ 2:21

Brewers infielder Travis Shaw talks about hitting against the Astros

⏰ 1:39

Women and Power: A Right to be Heard

⏰ 1:33:24

Climb aboard the cruise ship that's docked in Milwaukee

⏰ 1:04

The Sherman Park civil unrest event: Officials and community leaders speak about the unrest

⏰ 5:24

Sherman Park civil unrest

⏰ 1:45

The Sherman Park civil unrest event: Police begin dispersing crowds

⏰ 3:10

The Sherman Park civil unrest event: Police arrive on the scene

⏰ 1:00

The Sherman Park civil unrest event: Firefighters battle auto parts store fire

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