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John Dean: Mueller was not being very aggressive

⏰ 6:11

CNN watched past Mueller testimony. Here's what we found.

⏰ 6:34

Anderson Cooper takes apart Trump's lies about Mueller

⏰ 9:51

Gang attacks riders on Hong Kong subway

⏰ 2:35

Trump: US is 'ready for the absolute worst' with Iran

⏰ 8:06

Trump hints he could wipe Afghanistan off the Earth

⏰ 6:51

Trump repeats false Robert Mueller criticism

⏰ 4:26

Beauty queen defends tweets that stripped her of crown

⏰ 5:14

Massive protests shut down highway in Puerto Rico

⏰ 10:06

CNN analyst: Fox fuels Trump's fixation with Ocasio-Cortez and Omar

⏰ 9:34

CNN gets inside look at ICE arrest operation

⏰ 4:01

Puerto Rico governor says he won't seek reelection

⏰ 4:28

'Alter your course:' Hear tense audio before Iran seized UK-flagged ship

⏰ 9:19

Police fire rubber bullets and tear gas in clash

⏰ 5:10

See how much money celebrities have donated to top 2020 candidates

⏰ 2:10

Brian Stelter lays out the pattern of Trump's race baiting

⏰ 4:03

2020 polling shows Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris on the rise

⏰ 7:06

Dana Bash presses Sen. Ron Johnson to disavow President Trump's attacks on Dems

⏰ 8:11

Zakaria: America's defense budget is out of control

⏰ 3:51

Cory Booker: President Trump is worse than a racist

⏰ 9:54

Megan Rapinoe on who may have her vote in 2020

⏰ 6:57

Cupp calls out Republicans: What a load of crap

⏰ 3:08

Why 2 Trump voters are seeing 2020 very differently

⏰ 3:16

Top NRA official departs amid turmoil

⏰ 4:18

Ex-TV anchor reveals turning point from sex and drug addiction

⏰ 5:49

UK warns Iran of potential 'serious consequences' over oil tanker

⏰ 3:50

Why is Ivanka Trump silent on the racist chant?

⏰ 4:48

Fact-checking Trump’s false accusations against 2 congresswomen

⏰ 11:00

Cooper rips Trump's daughter-in-law: I wouldn't usually do this

⏰ 7:37

How lawmakers are preparing for Mueller's testimony

⏰ 9:22