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Trump praises Erdogan during White House visit

⏰ 3:53

Cuomo fact checks GOP lawmaker's impeachment claims in real time

⏰ 10:31

Carl Bernstein: Trump unconcerned policies undermine the US

⏰ 6:34

The big moments in the first public impeachment hearing

⏰ 6:20

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenges GOP after impeachment inquiry hearing

⏰ 5:54

See impeachment witnesses' response to Trump's all caps tweet

⏰ 5:26

Trump says he knows 'nothing' about alleged call with Sondland

⏰ 12:02

Trump impeachment hearings - Bill Taylor, George Kent (FULL CNN Live Stream)

⏰ 6:04:53

Top US diplomat in Ukraine Bill Taylor opening remarks at impeachment hearing

⏰ 40:54

George Kent's full impeachment hearing opening remarks

⏰ 16:58

Toobin calls this testimony moment a 'bombshell' revelation

⏰ 2:02

Watch Rep. Devin Nunes' full opening statement at impeachment hearing

⏰ 9:29

Adam Schiff impeachment hearing full opening remarks

⏰ 14:05

Ex-Trump campaign aide contradicts Trump in court

⏰ 7:09

Protesters bring parts of Hong Kong to complete halt

⏰ 4:17

Nikki Haley said Trump is truthful. Cooper rolls the tape

⏰ 4:08

GOP talking points full of untruths, Anderson Cooper finds

⏰ 6:55

Gaza militants appear to be improving rocket designs

⏰ 7:00

The road to impeachment: Here's how we got here

⏰ 9:06

Bolivian senator declares herself acting president

⏰ 7:47

Adam Schiff and his push to impeach President Trump

⏰ 6:16

Trump said he doesn't know them. CNN tracked down 10 interactions

⏰ 2:08

NYT: President Trump has considered firing intelligence inspector general

⏰ 5:14

Supreme Court hearing arguments on DACA

⏰ 4:19

Who pays when Trump comes to town?

⏰ 4:57

House GOP lays out defense strategy for President Trump

⏰ 5:35

Trump's been wishing for transparency, he's getting that | Anderson Cooper

⏰ 6:43

Biden comes out against 'Medicare for All,' slams Warren

⏰ 7:56