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White House briefing room podium covered in dust

⏰ 5:09

SE Cupp reacts to Amash 'impeachment' tweet: This is big

⏰ 4:17

Fareed Zakaria: Trump's foreign policy has been subcontracting

⏰ 4:03

Mitt Romney: I don’t think impeachment is the right way to go

⏰ 10:43

CNN anchor presses Biden campaign adviser on crime bill

⏰ 7:54

These 19 undocumented immigrants worked for Trump

⏰ 6:16

Toobin: Turns out Sean Hannity is the attorney general

⏰ 6:06

Burnett: These are Trump's excuses for defying subpoena

⏰ 2:36

Trump stopped meeting to consult Twitter account, report says

⏰ 4:39

Tapper on Trump tweet: 54 words, many of them not true

⏰ 5:22

Same-sex couple: Our daughter is being denied citizenship

⏰ 5:15

Lawmaker calls Barr's interview on Fox News 'stunning'

⏰ 6:49

Woman films tense encounter before she's brutally beaten

⏰ 3:20

CNN debunks Trump's tweet about Flynn

⏰ 8:24

Barr: We should be worried if government officials abused their power

⏰ 8:45

RNC chair on Alabama abortion law: We are the party of life

⏰ 8:35

Lemon: This could really get under Trump's skin

⏰ 5:21

Anderson Cooper rips Trump's latest pardons

⏰ 3:00

Congressman: Information in Flynn memos is very explosive

⏰ 7:23

The truth about Trump's immigration proposal

⏰ 3:59

Cooper dumbfounded by Sanders' immigration answer

⏰ 7:14

Burnett outlines issue with Trump's financial disclosure

⏰ 11:00

Memos detail Michael Flynn's cooperation with Mueller

⏰ 10:10

Tapper calls out Trump's pardons: There's no sense of shame

⏰ 2:32

Auto dealer on Trump's tariffs: I'm scared right now

⏰ 2:58

Pat Robertson: Alabama abortion bill has gone too far

⏰ 4:48

President Trump unveils new immigration proposal

⏰ 24:15

What Alabama’s abortion ban really aims to do

⏰ 6:55

Rape survivor pleaded with Alabama lawmakers. Now she's disgusted.

⏰ 6:14

Don Lemon: No surprise Trump is behaving like a king

⏰ 6:51