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The BEST BEGINNER Deep Wave Wig!!!|Affordable 6x6 Deep Closure Wig For Beginners|Asteria Hair

⏰ 12:00

🔥180% Density Water Wave Wig w/ Natural SILK BASE CLOSURE| Quick Closure Install| Youth Beauty

⏰ 16:21

😍Voluminous LOOSE DEEP WAVE Hair using Deep parting 6x6 Closure Install+5month update|Wiggins Hair

⏰ 15:25

32in 250% Density Curly Wave Wig | Wig Install+Halfup Halfdown Styling| Westkiss hair

⏰ 11:29

UNDETECTABLE Natural LOOKING Yaki Straight Wig Straight out the BOX w/ No Work NEEDED| RiRi Hair

⏰ 11:42

180% Silky Straight Wig|MELT your lace w/NO babyhairs!!!!| BEGINNER FRIENDLY TUTORIAL|AfricanMall

⏰ 14:33

Start to Finish Wig Installation| Budget& Beginner Friendly $171 Wig Tutorial| Eayon Hair

⏰ 44:54

💜💙Major Hair Transformation:Berry to Navy Hair in MINUTES using WaterColor Method|Yolissa Hair

⏰ 14:58

CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST Does My Hair & GIRLLL 🙄😱| Fringe Bangs+Half up half Down Tutorial|Alipearl

⏰ 18:09

Protective Style Quick Weave Frontal Wig Tutorial + Silky Straight Hair Review| Ishow Hair

⏰ 19:07

🍯Honey Blonde Hair For Chocolate Women(No Dye Needed)| Wig Install + HairTransformation| EayonWigs

⏰ 10:02

How to Install your wig at HOME|Jerry Curly Frontal Wig Review+ Wig Install| Beauty forever Hair

⏰ 14:18

$177!!Beginner Friendly Loose Deep Wave Hair & Mimics Raw Indian Hair |Lace Melt|Ishow Hair

⏰ 14:35

Transforming 613 Blonde wig Into Adore Lavender Hair Color Using Water Color Method| Dor Hair

⏰ 15:31

Silky Straight Raw Vietnamese Hair (No Shedding or Tangling)|6in Deep Parting Review|RauhHair

⏰ 18:32

Watch me Transform The Perfect Burgundy Wig| 6in Parting, PreStyled&Colored | EayonWigs

⏰ 14:59

BeginnerFriendly: How to get Extreme Blonde Highlights on Wig Unit+ Crimping Hair Tutorial Eayon Wig

⏰ 18:16

🔥28inch Low Maintenance Voluminous DeepWave Hair Tutorial+ Epic Lace Melt| Ishow Hair

⏰ 13:45

Half Up Half Down with Frontal Wig Unit No Plucking Needed|Youth Beauty

⏰ 13:54

🔥*Must Watch* BEST FLAWLESS 250% Density 6x6 Closure Wig For Beginners| 10min App|WestKiss

⏰ 10:16

Fake Scalp Voluminous Wig is a MUSTBUY!!!| PRESTYLED WIG REQUIRES MINIMUM to NO WORK!| Eayon Wigs

⏰ 10:41

This 250% DENSITY WIG IS BOMB!! BeginnerFriendly Best Wig Ever Black Friday MustBuy ft BeautyForever

⏰ 9:58

African American Hair Texture Dupe|Light Yaki Wig Review| OMGHERHAIR.COM

⏰ 14:44

Perfect Voluminous Deep Side Part FlexiRod Set using ONLY 6 Flexirods|Wiggins Hair

⏰ 14:41

*Must Watch* EASY 30 Minute REMOVABLE Quickweave Wig Frontal Edition| Beauty Forever

⏰ 13:04

Bomb Sleek Straight $30 Outre Sediyah Wig| Natural Looking Wig |Sogoodbb

⏰ 14:29


⏰ 10:07

🍁The Most PERFECT FALL INSPIRED HAIR COLOR FOR EVERY Brown Skin Girl| Beginner Friendly|Nadula Hair

⏰ 15:00

*Must Watch*The BEST Full lace Wig I've Ever Reviewed|Voluminous WaterWave Wig|Eayon Wigs

⏰ 12:41