For 16 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor a...

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‘Fempire’: Ayesha Curry Helps Working Mom with Baking Business

⏰ 7:21

Fans Play ‘Blame That Tune’ for CMA Awards Tickets

⏰ 3:32

Lil' Mushroom Teaches Average Andy How to Dance

⏰ 7:12

Ray Romano's Wife Had a Perfect Response to His Steamy Boat Idea

⏰ 3:14

Professor Ellen Teaches a Lesson in Kindness 101

⏰ 3:58

Dog Rescue Hero Surprises Girlfriend with a Proposal

⏰ 7:08

Did You Miss Ellen's Cameo on 'The Morning Show'?

⏰ 1:18

Al Pacino Accidentally Inspired Ray Romano to Start Exercising

⏰ 3:32

Matt Damon Sumo Suits Up for a Golf Cart Obstacle Course

⏰ 2:29

Sisters Team Up for 'Taste Buds'

⏰ 5:54

Actor Noah Jupe Jogs Ellen's Memory of Their First Interaction

⏰ 3:39

Laura Dern Asks Meryl Streep to Stop Following Her

⏰ 2:36

Kanye West Gave Laura Dern Cred with Her Teens

⏰ 6:02

A Game of 'What’s in the Box?' Brings 12 Days Cheer

⏰ 9:13

Ellen Helps Self-Affirmation Family's Book Dreams Come True

⏰ 5:18

Kevin the Cashier at CUT Restaurant

⏰ 5:41

Ellen’s Tearful Surprise for Firefighter Battling ALS

⏰ 7:35

Matt Damon Shares the Results of His Family’s DNA Test

⏰ 6:32

A Lesson in Hollywood Legends with Ellen DeGeneres

⏰ 1:38

Ellen Wants to Drive Matt Damon in a Race Car

⏰ 3:32

A Pole Dancer and Possible Swinger Play ‘Spill the Tea’

⏰ 6:28

Kalen Reacts to Viral Cheddar-Block-Stuffed Flamin' Hot Cheeto Turkey

⏰ 2:01

Magical Walt Disney World Surprises

⏰ 1:34

The Sibling Life

⏰ 1:04

Kalen Reacts to and Tries Pumpkin Spice Hot Dogs

⏰ 6:03

Believe It or Not: Joel's Impressive Trick Shots

⏰ 2:29

Kristen Bell Divulges a Secret About the Breakout Song of ‘Frozen 2’

⏰ 2:31

Ken Jeong in Awe of Audience Hidden Talents

⏰ 5:20

Ellen Leaves a Special Gift for Ken Jeong and the Audience

⏰ 2:41

Ken Jeong Answers Audience Questions in ‘Ask Dr. Ken’

⏰ 5:46