Conversations with Bill Kristol

Conversations with Bill Kristol features in-depth conversations with leading figures in American public life.

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Paul Cantor on the "Shakespeare Authorship Question"

⏰ 1:20:24

Adam White: The Supreme Court and the Conservative Legal Movement

⏰ 1:21:17

Steve Hayes: The Conservative Movement Today and the Republican Party after Trump

⏰ 1:15:00

Jim VandeHei: The Transformation of our Media Landscape and Its Political Implications

⏰ 1:17:46

Eric Edelman: America’s Strategic Position, Great Power Competition, and the Liberal World Order

⏰ 1:14:02

Harvey Mansfield on Free Speech and Higher Education Today

⏰ 55:24

James Hankins on Meritocracy Today: The Cases of America and China

⏰ 1:03:30

Diana Schaub on Lincoln's Political Thought: The Lyceum Address and The Gettysburg Address

⏰ 1:23:07

Aaron Friedberg: On the Rise of China and the Strategic Threat to the United States

⏰ 1:30:18

John J. DiIulio Jr.: Big Government, Then and Now

⏰ 1:23:39

Harvey Mansfield on Alexis de Tocqueville's "Democracy in America"

⏰ 1:25:12

Jim Manzi: On Global Warming, Climate Change, and What To Do About It

⏰ 1:11:37

Edward Conard: Economic Growth, Innovation, and Middle-Class Prosperity

⏰ 1:32:15

Andrew Ferguson on Identity Politics and American Culture

⏰ 51:39

Paul Cantor on The Godfather, Breaking Bad, Huckleberry Finn, and the American Dream

⏰ 1:35:59

Robert Kagan on Authoritarianism and the Threat to the Liberal Democratic Order

⏰ 57:28

Joe Trippi on the Race for the Democratic Nomination in 2020

⏰ 1:14:18

James Ceaser on James Madison as the First American Founder

⏰ 51:53

Jeff Bergner: The Vanishing Congress

⏰ 1:27:34

Kristen Soltis Anderson: Millennials and Gen Z on Trump, the Left, and Big Government

⏰ 1:09:46

Michael Strain: Against Economic Pessimism

⏰ 59:57

Stephen Rosen on US Foreign Policy, Great Power Competition, and the Rise of China

⏰ 1:16:52

Harvey Mansfield on Aristotle, Democracy, and Political Science

⏰ 50:16

Mike Murphy: Onward to 2020!

⏰ 57:28

Ronald Brownstein: From the 2018 Midterms to the 2020 Elections

⏰ 2:01:08

Jack Goldsmith: Cybersecurity, Cyberwarfare, and the Threats We Face

⏰ 57:31

Christine Rosen on #MeToo, Women, and Men

⏰ 1:05:21

Scott Lincicome: In Defense of Free Trade

⏰ 1:11:45

Paul Cantor on Great Television and the Emergence of a TV Canon

⏰ 1:26:15

Eric Edelman on Restoring American Leadership in the World

⏰ 1:16:57