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G2 Caps and Perkz Switching Roles? Riot Forge Games Announced

⏰ 7:15

The Mistakes Killing Mixer Go Beyond Ninja and Shroud

⏰ 11:14

CSGO Fallen Compares Meyern to Coldzera, SPLYCE IS BACK, Insane C9 Buyouts and More

⏰ 7:52

CoD is Literally Killing Itself

⏰ 4:06

FaZe CEO Talks Winning Tfue Lawsuit, Unbanning Jarvis, and Controlling FaZe Banks

⏰ 7:37

Rainbow Six Invitational 2020 Leaks - NEW MAP

⏰ 5:04

Curious CoD Signings Continue with MaNiaC, Mboze, and Censor

⏰ 4:56

Cloud9 to Acquire ATK CSGO, Meyern Joins MIBR for Brazil Major, Subroza "C9 Was Dead"

⏰ 7:16

Nadeshot Returns to Professional Call of Duty with $50K Raised

⏰ 3:54

RL Team Kicks Player After Making RLCS

⏰ 6:50

Is Dizzy Retiring The END of Apex Legends?

⏰ 4:40

Overwatch Coach Cancelled for Nazi Roleplay Remarks

⏰ 5:53

YouTube Ad Promoting Fortnite Scam on Our Channel

⏰ 4:02

Twitch Bans R6 Caster with Another Double Standard

⏰ 5:57

GenG Target BnTeT, CSGO Pros Talk Sound Booths and W0xic/Hen1 Visa Issues

⏰ 8:16

Vitality CEO Wants to Share Player Salaries for Esports Pros

⏰ 6:25

100 Thieves Verified, LoL Merch, Mixer Hates Me and FaZeUp Fortnite | Esports Rewind Podcast #30

⏰ 34:28

LoL Khan Joining Doinb in FPX? T1's New Coach, Kellin to Gen.G, New Mecha Skins

⏰ 5:03

Billionaire Invests $10 Million Into G2 Esports Army

⏰ 5:11

$250K COD Event NO Scump, FormaL, Crimsix, Pamaj or Pros

⏰ 5:45

Timthetatman, LIRIK, DrLupo ALL Re-Sign with Twitch

⏰ 4:52

Virtus Pro to Acquire AVANGAR CSGO, GenG S0m and GeT_RiGhT Gambles Legacy

⏰ 8:07

Gary Vee and ROKKR Leak CoD League TV Deal?

⏰ 5:17

EG Yung Calls out Canadian for Season 9 Round Loss

⏰ 3:20

Mixer's First Scandal and It's $80,000 Plus

⏰ 5:03

League of Legends New Champion Sett Teased, Louis Vuitton x LoL Merch is OUT

⏰ 4:22

CSGO Drug Testing Players Should Be Esports STANDARD

⏰ 5:26

FaZe Mongraal and NRG Benjyfishy Investigation is Over

⏰ 5:01

Mouz WIN ESL PRO LEAGUE but Crowd Helps Astralis in CSGO

⏰ 10:05

Did Gary Vee Target LA OpTic as NOT Authentic?

⏰ 5:40