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Trump addresses the media before returning to Washington

⏰ 37:19

Kudlow Confirms Trump's Interest in Buying Greenland

⏰ 1:09

13 Arrested in Portland Clashes During Far-Right, Far Left Protests

⏰ 1:10

Timelapse: Thousands in Hong Kong March Through Rain in Peaceful Protests

⏰ 0:13

Gibraltar Rejects U.S. Pressure to Hold Iranian Oil Tanker

⏰ 3:03

Hong Kong Teachers Rally in Support of Student Protesters

⏰ 0:50

Buttigieg Courts Religious Black Voters in South Carolina

⏰ 49:40

Hong Kong Protesters Throw Eggs, Shine Laser Pointers at Police

⏰ 0:49

Right-Wing Groups, Anti-Fascist Protesters Swarm Downtown Portland

⏰ 11:16

Crowds Gather at Portland Protests from Far-Right Rally, Far-Left Antifa Forces

⏰ 9:29

U.S. Customs Computers Crash at Airports Nationwide, Causing Major Travel Delays

⏰ 0:46

Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself by Hanging, NYC Medical Examiner Concludes

⏰ 0:38

Greenland to Trump: We're Not for Sale

⏰ 1:09

Epstein's Autopsy Confirms Suicide Death By Hanging: Medical Examiner

⏰ 0:30

One Year Later, NYU Med School's Free-Tuition Plan Is Paying Off

⏰ 2:12

FDA Proposes New Graphic Warning Labels for Cigarettes

⏰ 1:13

Tlaib Declines West Bank Visit After Israel Reverses Ban

⏰ 1:02

‘French Spider-Man’ Climbs Hong Kong Skyscraper, Hangs Peace Flag

⏰ 0:51

China Police Drills Across Hong Kong Border Seen as a Threat

⏰ 0:21

Virgin Galactic Unveils New Space Base in New Mexico Desert

⏰ 1:07

Trump Mocks Supporter's 'Serious Weight Problem' as He Mistakes Him for Protester

⏰ 0:47

Trump Defends China Trade War, Handling of U.S. Economy at New Hampshire Rally

⏰ 0:29

Are Low Interest Rates the New Normal?

⏰ 1:19

Zimbabwe Police Beat, Use Tear Gas on Anti-Government Protesters

⏰ 0:46

Pressure Cookers Found on Subway Not Explosives, NYPD Says

⏰ 9:19

Lower Manhattan Subway Station Evacuated After Suspicious Objects Found

⏰ 1:12

Trump Wants to Buy Greenland: Reports

⏰ 0:42

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Wife Survive Fiery Plane Crash in Tennessee

⏰ 4:20

Russian Jet Collides with Flock of Birds, Injuring at Least 23

⏰ 0:17