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James Gandolfini’s Son To Play Young Tony Soprano In The ‘Sopranos’ Prequel Movie

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Chris Brown Denies Rape Allegation In Paris

⏰ 0:25

‘Fiji Water Girl’ Lands Guest Role On Soap Opera

⏰ 0:33

Chris Brown Released From Custody; Denies Allegations

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Yalitza Aparicio Almost Didn't Take The Role In Oscar-Nominated Film 'Roma'

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Michael Strahan Plans To Bring Global Game Show To The U.S.

⏰ 0:41

Oscar-Nominations Of 2019

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'Captain Marvel' Reveals New Closeup Images Of Starforce

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Rami Malek Shares Reaction To Oscar Nomination

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Comedy World Mourns Loss Of Rel Co-Creator Kevin Barnett

⏰ 0:41

‘Deadpool 3’ Will Go In A ‘Different Direction'

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Jim Carrey Paints Covington Students In Piece Called: ‘Baby Snakes’

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First Look at 'Shazam!' Funko Pops

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‘The Lego Movie 2’ Has An Even Catchier Song First Film

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Fave Netflix Shows Can Be Shared On Instagram Stories

⏰ 0:28

Aquarians Who Are Also Famous

⏰ 0:34

Kit Harington Has High Hopes For Final Season Of GOT

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Roma Star Yalitza Aparicio Shares Sweet Reaction To Oscar Nomination

⏰ 0:44

‘Black Panther’ Is First Superhero Movie Nominated For Best Picture

⏰ 0:33

How To Start Planning For Retirement

⏰ 1:10

Netflix Reportedly In Talks To Join The Motion Picture Association Of America

⏰ 0:50

Black Panther Composer Opens Up About His First Oscar Nomination

⏰ 0:52

Chelsea Clinton Announces She's Expecting Baby #3

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Oscar Nominations Announced

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Oscars Biggest 2019 Snubs

⏰ 0:33

Roma Has Potential To Make Oscar History

⏰ 0:48

Mary Poppins Returns Composer Addresses Possibility Of Joining EGOT Club

⏰ 0:46

'The Simpsons' Renewal Expected With Major Changes

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Roma Director Alfonso Cuarón Opens Up About Films Nominations

⏰ 0:40

Will Green Book BO Jump After Nominations?

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