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I travel to unique parts of the world on the hunt for the best food each country has to offer and share these stories with you in my videos. Hey, I’m Sonny! ...

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Eating with the World’s Most Isolated Tribe!!! The Tree People of Papua, Indonesia!!

⏰ 13:03

RARE TRIBAL FOOD of West Papua's Dani People!!! (Never Seen on Camera Before!!)

⏰ 18:39

Papua's Bizarre Sticky Food Staple!!! STREET FOOD in Jayapura, West Papua!!!

⏰ 15:44

Extreme HALAL Food in Makassar, Indonesia!!! (do they really eat that?)

⏰ 18:39

Extreme Indonesian Food Tour!!!

⏰ 1:47

10 wings | 5 minutes!!! IMPOSSIBLE Food Challenges in the USA! (worst day of my life)

⏰ 17:05

Florida Sashimi!!! Deep Sea Catch and Cook. (Can you even eat this???)

⏰ 14:53

Cuban Lechon Hot Box!!! EXTREME Cubano Food in Miami!!!

⏰ 20:58

Alabama Hog Hunting Gone Wrong (Hospital) *Stitches*

⏰ 18:48

Catching and COOKING Florida’s MOST Dangerous Killer! (HAND CAUGHT!!!)

⏰ 16:41

TWISTED AMERICAN BBQ!!! Alabama Has Gone TOO Far!!

⏰ 16:53

$100 Disney Food Challenge!!! Most EXPENSIVE Food on Earth!!

⏰ 15:10

RECORD BREAKING WAGYU Chicken Fried Steak!!! UPGRADING Southern Food in the USA!!

⏰ 14:19

Mississippi's STRANGEST Food Combo!!! DEADLY Southern Comfort Food!!!

⏰ 16:18

Viagra Oysters and Vietnamese Sandwiches!!! Insane Southern Food New Orleans to Saigon!!!

⏰ 16:47

Gumbo Queen and Cocaine Donuts!!! New Orleans Wildest Creole Cooking!

⏰ 17:46

Boiling 600 Pounds of Pig Parts in Louisiana!! RARE Cajun American Food!!!

⏰ 16:14

Boiling 10,000 Crawfish!!! Epic Louisiana Crawfish Throw Down in Cajun Country!!

⏰ 19:23

US Deep South Food Tour SNEAK PEAK! Most UNIQUE Food in the USA!!!

⏰ 3:10

Vietnamese Girls Try Cheeseburgers for the FIRST TIME!!! HUGE Saigon Burger Tour in Vietnam!

⏰ 17:08

Eating a DINOSAUR in Asia!!! RARE Mekong Delta Food you will only find here!

⏰ 17:30

ILLEGAL JUNGLE FOOD in Vietnam!!! Catching and Cooking Asia's Most Freaky Foods!!

⏰ 15:04

Asia’s SHOCKING Live Animal Market!!! Extreme Food Tour in the Mekong Delta!

⏰ 20:38

EPIC EID FEAST in Oman!!! Middle Eastern Traditional Shuwa Will Change Your Life!!!

⏰ 16:32

Is This Even HALAL!??! UNSEEN Desert Food of Oman’s Bedouin People!!!

⏰ 17:11

Most UNIQUE Middle Eastern Street Food in the GCC!!! ULTIMATE Omani Street Food Tour in Muscat!!!

⏰ 21:45

Super RARE Kenyan Village Feast!!! First time caught on camera!!

⏰ 15:56

Mombasa Street Food Tour in Kenya!!! (COMPLETE DISASTER)

⏰ 14:30

RARE Cow Bleeding ritual in Kenya! (Already Demonetized / Support us on Patreon!)

⏰ 12:54

SHOCKING Tribal Food in Kenya!!! Rarely Seen Food of the Maasai People!

⏰ 19:24