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I travel to unique parts of the world on the hunt for the best food each country has to offer and share these stories with you in my videos. Hey, I’m Sonny! ...

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Old Dhaka Street Food!!! Most Unique Bangladeshi Food in Dhaka!!

⏰ 18:04

Bloody Streets, Bangladesh Feast!! Chittagong Mezban Celebration!!

⏰ 15:27

Bizarre Bangladesh!! Uncovering Chittagong's Food Secrets!!

⏰ 18:44

Sonny Eats Bangladesh!!! The Strange, the Rare, the Amazing Food of Bangladesh!!

⏰ 4:55

Most Awkward Moment, Best Guide, Scariest Food and more | 2019 BESTY AWARDS!!!

⏰ 19:35

Street Food Bosses of Hong Kong!!! Inside the Kitchens that Created Hong Kong Cuisine!!

⏰ 17:17

STRANGE Seafood in Hong Kong!! RARE Seafood Tour from Fish Balls to Fish Stalls!!

⏰ 17:44

Exotic Hong Kong Food Tour!!! Chinese Cockroach Soup and more!!

⏰ 18:35

Death of Street Food in Hong Kong!!! Protests, Pigeons, Dai Pai Dong!

⏰ 18:40

Surviving Hong Kong! DARING Food Tour Amid Escalating Protests!

⏰ 5:10

Rare Japanese Street Food!!! Fukuoka's Fading Yatai Culture!!

⏰ 14:11

Japanese Alien Fish!!! Catching and Cooking Japan's Rare SEAFOOD!!!

⏰ 16:18

Japanese Kobe Beef Factory!!! MOST EXPENSIVE Meat in the World!!!

⏰ 14:23

Japanese Seafood NIGHTMARE!!! RARE Deep Sea Creature Cooking!!

⏰ 12:28

Making MONEY on Youtube!!! How I Run My Youtube Business! (No Bullsh!t)

⏰ 11:36

SHOCKING Japanese Street Food on Japan's STRANGE FOOD Island!!! (Would you try this?)

⏰ 14:04

Eating Japan's Most PRIZED Fish!!! Fukushima's RARE Countryside Foods!!

⏰ 16:06

Five People DIED Eating This!!! Japan's DANGEROUS Raw Food Culture!!

⏰ 13:36

$2 Ramen VS $100 Ramen in Tokyo, Japan!!! Never Seen Before!!

⏰ 16:59

RARE Japanese Food!!! Revealing Undiscovered Japanese Cuisine from North to South!!

⏰ 2:52

$6 Lobster VS $460 Lobster in Vietnam!!! (Biggest Lobster in Vietnam!)

⏰ 17:20

IMPOSSIBLE Dinner in Iran!!! Home-Cooked Ghormeh Sabzi, the National Dish of Iran!!!

⏰ 15:34

Most UNIQUE Middle Eastern Street Food in IRAN!!! EXTREME Iranian Street Food Tour!!!

⏰ 13:53

Iran Nomad Feast!!! Feeding 3000 People in EPIC Nomad Tradition!!

⏰ 13:54

Iran Desert Food Disaster!!! Food Tour GONE WRONG in Central Iran!!

⏰ 16:49

Iran’s MYSTERY MEAT Industry!!! (Iranians Don’t Even Know About This!)

⏰ 13:08

EXOTIC Iranian Food!!! The Most Unique Food of Isfahan City!! (Do They Really Eat That???)

⏰ 15:48

IRAN Meat Tour!!! Rarely Seen Persian Food of Central Iran!!!

⏰ 16:31

SURPRISING Iranian Food in Tehran!!! Serving Over 6,000 People a Day!!!

⏰ 13:59

Iran's Most IMPORTANT Food!!! They CANNOT Live Without It!!!

⏰ 11:39