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XFL Reveals NEW Uniforms & Official Footballs! (Are They Dope?)

⏰ 4:07

Arena Football League Shuts Down! Last Chance U's Malik Henry STILL Suspended and More!

⏰ 6:35

Bengals Fan Reacts to Bengals Getting Their 1st WIN OF THE NFL SEASON in Week 13

⏰ 10:42

What Happened to Calvin Johnson? (Why Megatron Doesn't Watch the NFL Anymore)

⏰ 14:31

He Lied His Way Into the NFL...Now He'll Play In the XFL!!! (Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi Former Browns WR)

⏰ 2:10

XFL Players ALREADY Took a Pay Cut!!! (How Much Money Will XFL Players Make?)

⏰ 9:39

What Will Happen to Tua Tagovailoa? (Career ending Injury?)

⏰ 8:58

The Actual Truth About the Myles Garrett vs Mason Rudolph Situation!

⏰ 10:42

Last Chance U's John Franklin III Signed by Buccaneers! Colin Kaepernick Working Out For NFL Teams!

⏰ 7:26

What Happened to This D2 Walk-on? ( Erik Harris)

⏰ 11:48

NCAA Votes to Allow College Players to be Paid + The Greatest CFB Game You NEVER HEARD OF!

⏰ 16:34

What Happened to Patrick Willis? (Why He Retired In His Prime)

⏰ 16:47

Last Chance U's Malik Henry "Removed From Participation" by Nevada Football Coach!

⏰ 4:59

What Happened to The Guy Who Stole Someone's Identity Just to Play College Football?

⏰ 12:24

Neither Ronald Ollie or Trent Richardson Were Taken in the XFL Draft!!!

⏰ 7:47

2 Last Chance U Players GOING OFF In College Football! Malik Henry & Rakeem Boyd

⏰ 5:59

Malik Henry Named Nevada STARTING QB! How the XFL Draft Works! Bad News from IMV Gaming!

⏰ 6:47

What Happened to Kelvin Benjamin? (Laziest NFL WR Ever?)

⏰ 21:07

Why Malik Henry's Not Playing! Kingston Davis Emerges! Deandre Johnson Balling! Last Chance u News

⏰ 7:03

College Athletes ARE FINALLY Getting PAID!!! (NCAA Will Never Be The Same)

⏰ 11:08

New College Football Game! Dynasty Mode 1st Impressions!

⏰ 14:16

What Happened to Antonio Brown?

⏰ 18:51

New CFB Video Game THIS MONTH! CFB Players getting Paid! Rakeem Boyd EATIN! CFB/Last Chance U News

⏰ 6:41

From Last Chance U REJECT to NFL Starter in 4 Years! What Happened to Damion Willis?

⏰ 13:32

People Are Really Saying My Bengals Will Go 3-13...(not a chance)

⏰ 15:56

What Happened to These Feel Good Football Stories of the Summer?

⏰ 8:31

Ronald Ollie to the XFL! Independence 1st Game with New Coach and more Last Chance u News!

⏰ 4:00

What Happened to Andrew Luck?

⏰ 16:32

Maximum Football GAMEPLAY Trailer! My Honest Opinion...

⏰ 3:11