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I love my family, I love my country, and no one can say it like me. I'm just saying what we're all thinking.

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Erica Thomas, you rotten b#!ch. Another hoax bites the dust.

⏰ 15:41

What is going on with this $15 per hour minimum wage bu÷=sh%t?

⏰ 16:08

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson offers a prayer of apology. Finally!!

⏰ 14:14

Berkeley, California does away with gender specific titles. Finally! Wtf?!

⏰ 9:17

A.O.C is a pu÷×y.

⏰ 12:13

Impeachment proceedings are shot down for the third, and hopefully the final time.

⏰ 12:08

Trump vs The Broad Squad

⏰ 19:00

Jericho Green live from the steps of the California State Capitol!

⏰ 1:22

Let the I.C.E raids begin! A celeb says some dumb sh$t.

⏰ 10:21

Vice President Mike Pence takes a field trip to the border. Good.

⏰ 8:22

Why is it impossible for the left to put down the race card?

⏰ 10:13

Trump lays the census smackdown through executive order.

⏰ 12:16

Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo try to out communist each other.

⏰ 16:19

Ghetto monsters fight inside of Disneyland. Wtf?! Apparently, some ghetto ass fools May their way in

⏰ 8:35

Ilhan Omar aka the Somali double agent was caught lying to high school kids. No surprise there.

⏰ 6:36

Detroit is the new racist oasis.

⏰ 7:24

Trump talks s*** about Fox News/ US Women's soccer team wins World Cup.WGAF?

⏰ 8:03

Kamala wants to spend $100 billion to close the wealth gap.

⏰ 13:08

These kids don't know how good they have it nowadays.

⏰ 9:04

Booker goes to the border. Illegals are getting huge fines.

⏰ 14:56

Happy 4th of July!! And f=%k anybody who doesn't like it!

⏰ 6:06

Loco Cortez visits an immigrant Detention Center. Too bad they didn't lock her up in there too.

⏰ 14:07

Colin Kaepernick tells Nike to jump, and they say, "how high?"

⏰ 15:39

The mainstream mediocres couldn't wait to tear at the historic happenings in North Korea.

⏰ 11:36

President Trump steps foot in North Korea! History is made, again!

⏰ 7:55

Today is the last day of "Pride Month." FINALLY!!

⏰ 4:55

More out-of-touch dumb athletes refuse their trip to the White House. What a waste.

⏰ 9:37

Biden is a racist. Let the candidate cannibalism begin.

⏰ 14:55

California FINALLY passes a bill to end hair racism.

⏰ 9:24

Round 2 of the 2020 Clown Debate.

⏰ 19:08