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I love my family, I love my country, and no one can say it like me. I'm just saying what we're all thinking.

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Trump holds off on declaring cartels as terrorist groups/David Lo pan is still wasted.

⏰ 11:47

Loco Cortez is still very dumb/YouTube is on to me.

⏰ 14:07

I think Pelosi might have been drunk yesterday.

⏰ 11:07

Trump wants to kick 700,000 Able Body people off of welfare, good!

⏰ 14:37

Kamala " the Ugandan nightmare" quits!

⏰ 12:10

Gabrielle Union is human garbage. D-Wade has been neutered.

⏰ 15:44

Bidenis Pervertis is sucking fingers/ Billy Dee Williams is a girl.

⏰ 11:51

Terrorist attack in London/ California is freezing. What about climate change?

⏰ 10:54

Bootyguage says some dumb sh%t/Loco Cortez just can't shut up.

⏰ 11:18

Loco Cortez is upset/ power outage at Oakland International Airport, thanks Gavin.

⏰ 14:37

Iran threatens the U.S😂/ I saw some dumb sh#t

⏰ 10:51

Students staged a b******* climate-change protest in the middle of a college football game.

⏰ 10:38

Jokeahontas gets a taste of her own firewater.

⏰ 10:53

Myles Garrett pulls the race card/ more green New Deal theft.

⏰ 17:26

Two guards (fall guys) arrested in the Jeffrey Epstein case.

⏰ 10:02

Trump vs California/ the relentless attack on our kids

⏰ 17:02

Kaepernick is a f%$@in coward.

⏰ 8:52

Back from Vegas!/cab drivers/bad kids/climate change

⏰ 20:45

My experience with the TSA/ Its Veteran's day! Go Navy!

⏰ 9:55

Kamala "the Ugandan nightmare" wants to extend the school day.

⏰ 16:12

Baby, It's Cold Outside. The remix/ Bernie Sanders releases his immigration plan.

⏰ 16:28

9 Americans murdered in Mexico./ Maryland residence help I.C.E

⏰ 13:14

Terminator "Dark Fate," movie review.

⏰ 11:48

Mock abortion at N.Y bar, good.

⏰ 12:13

Beta O'rourke, the sad looking did×%head drops out of the presidential race!

⏰ 14:07

Newsome says, "I'm sorry" /Master troller, Donald Trump does it again.

⏰ 11:51

Phase 1 of the b******* impeachment process starts today.

⏰ 9:11

Michelle Obama says some dumb racist s***/ Congresswoman Pervert steps down/ John Witherspoon dies.

⏰ 15:51

Trump is the man!/ California is burning!/ You're not fooling me Bidenis Pervertis.

⏰ 16:54

ISIS leader dead! Trump's speech was a f%÷#in classic!

⏰ 12:39