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Pentagon watchdog declines to investigate Ukraine aid delay

⏰ 4:29

Don Jr. reacts to first public hearing of Trump impeachment probe

⏰ 4:48

Did the first public testimony sway and Republicans toward voting for impeachment?

⏰ 4:40

Democrats move from 'quid pro quo' to 'bribery'

⏰ 5:46

Democrats engage in partisan theatrics during impeachment hearing

⏰ 4:01

Sessions on impeachment hearings: It's a show trial

⏰ 6:09

Graham: House impeachment probe 'is a danger to the presidency'

⏰ 6:24

White House hits back at impeachment testimonies: A public joke

⏰ 3:26

Tucker: Democrats have no actual plan for impeachment

⏰ 7:24

Nikki Haley: The thing that bothers me about impeachment

⏰ 7:50

'The Five' breaks down today's historic Trump impeachment hearing

⏰ 6:05

Gutfeld on the impeachment circus

⏰ 10:10

Trump, Turkish President Erdoğan hold a joint press conference

⏰ 37:58

Watch Schiff try to instruct Taylor on answering GOP's question

⏰ 1:26

Fox News Live: First public hearing in Trump impeachment probe

⏰ 6:22:27

Lawmakers speak following first public impeachment hearing

⏰ 14:55

Trump, Senators meet with Erdogan amid first public impeachment hearing

⏰ 13:17

Jim Jordan grills Dems’ ‘star witness’ Taylor in impeachment hearing

⏰ 7:46

Chris Wallace: Taylor's testimony 'very damaging' to Trump

⏰ 2:47

Watch: Schiff claims he does not know identity of whistleblower

⏰ 0:40

Nunes brands hearing ‘low-rent, Ukrainian sequel’ to Russia collusion

⏰ 9:06

Schiff makes opening statement in first public impeachment hearing

⏰ 12:11

McCarthy: Schiff has made impeachment inquiry all about him

⏰ 3:54

Collins: Dems are hiding the fact that they have nothing on the president

⏰ 3:01

Sen. Lee looks ahead to public impeachment hearings

⏰ 4:44

Hillary Clinton says she's under 'enormous pressure' to enter 2020 race

⏰ 4:58

Gaetz: Schiff's dirty tricks will not change the facts

⏰ 4:50

Graham: Why I won't be watching the impeachment hearings

⏰ 6:03

Hannity: Democrats haven't done a thing to better America

⏰ 13:41

Spicer talks 'Dancing with the Stars' after being voted off

⏰ 4:01