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Fullerton wins Little League Junior Division World Series | ABC7

⏰ 2:01

Hours-old baby abandoned in Maryland woods found by passerby, hospitalized in stable condition

⏰ 2:04

New toilets detect when someone is having sex in bathroom | ABC7

⏰ 0:40

Man in custody after his mother found dead at OC home | ABC7

⏰ 1:50

Car rams into Paramount restaurant, hits man inside | ABC7

⏰ 1:42

Middle-school teacher gunned down in San Bernardino | ABC7

⏰ 1:51

Strangers come for miles to mourn El Paso shooting victim Margie Reckard | ABC7

⏰ 1:26

Pursuit of teen suspect ends in violent crash in North Hollywood | ABC7

⏰ 1:38

Fists fly between tow truck driver and impatient passenger on street in Houston I ABC7

⏰ 1:06

Smash-and-grab robbery: Jewelry store owner confronts armed robbers in Santa Monica I ABC7

⏰ 0:34

2 young girls team up to reach window at burger joint in El Monte I ABC7

⏰ 0:48

KCON 2019: Sights and sounds from inside the convention | ABC7

⏰ 2:43

Modern-day Elephant Man: Riverside man struggles to stay positive amid stares, ridicule | ABC7

⏰ 2:14

Trump supporters hold rally along Hollywood Walk of Fame I ABC7

⏰ 0:38

Suspected burglar caught wearing boxers on his head while breaking into pot shop in WA | ABC7

⏰ 0:22

Police swarm Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade after reports of shooting | ABC7

⏰ 32:23

'Good Boys' tells the misadventures of 3 tweens and mixes comedy, heart... and dirty words

⏰ 2:33

Man who escaped from OC jail is found guilty of kidnapping, torture of dispensary owner I ABC7

⏰ 1:49

Broguiere's Dairy in Montebello reopens after month-long closure | ABC7

⏰ 2:10

Gov. Gavin Newsom announces 'legal action on immigration' | ABC7

⏰ 42:59

Nipsey Hussle remembered: Fans honor slain rapper on birthday | ABC7

⏰ 0:39

POLICE CHASE: Fire spreads to Moreno Valley homes after chase ends in crash | ABC7

⏰ 1:57

Banana-killing fungus may cause shortage of fruit, increase in prices | ABC7

⏰ 0:29

BODYCAM: Sonoma County officer opens fire as attempted stabbing suspect jumps in cruiser | ABC7

⏰ 1:35

Rescued green sea turtle gets new lease on life | ABC7

⏰ 1:32

Dale Earnhardt Jr., his family escape plane crash without serious injuries | ABC7

⏰ 0:25

'Hoillywood Ripper' case: LA serial killer convicted in murders of young women, attacking 3rd | ABC7

⏰ 0:35

Men killed in South L.A. shooting ID'd as grad student, father-to-be I ABC7

⏰ 2:10

Bodycam video: Culver City police help save boy from choking | ABC7

⏰ 0:46

Critics claim draft of CA ethnic studies curriculum is anti-Semitic | ABC7

⏰ 2:41