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Hong Kong protesters throw bricks and petrol bombs at riot police

⏰ 4:43

Brexit: EU refuses to cooperate on no-deal ahead of G7

⏰ 3:53

Glasgow University is first to pay slave-trade reparations

⏰ 10:06

Hong Kong: Protesters form human chain as airport protest banned

⏰ 4:20

Amazon fires: France and Ireland threaten to block Brazil trade

⏰ 14:15

Thousands of fires ravage Amazon rainforest - most started intentionally

⏰ 8:55

The nine-year-old child forced into marriage in Iraq

⏰ 7:08

Brexit: Macron warns Johnson that Irish backstop is 'indispensable'

⏰ 10:05

Trump cancels Denmark trip as Greenland says it’s not for sale

⏰ 6:10

Hong Kong: Firms under pressure from China to toe government line

⏰ 5:59

No-deal Brexit latest: £9m to prepare ports

⏰ 6:59

Brexit: Merkel gives Johnson 30 days to find backstop solution

⏰ 8:29

Malorie Blackman on her new 'Noughts and Crosses' book and anti-immigrant feeling in the UK

⏰ 47:03

DNA testing kits: Family secrets revealed

⏰ 7:06

Hong Kong: UK consulate worker detained at China border

⏰ 9:44

Italy: PM quits with scathing attack on populist Salvini

⏰ 8:02

No Brexit deal unless 'anti-democratic' backstop dropped, says Boris Johnson

⏰ 6:59

The Nigerian girls being sex trafficked to Italy's holiday destinations

⏰ 10:09

EU freedom of movement “will end” on day one of no-deal Brexit

⏰ 9:09

Burna Boy on working with Beyoncé and being one of Africa's biggest rising stars

⏰ 4:46

Hong Kong: 1.7 million march for democracy

⏰ 4:36

Jack Letts stripped of British citizenship

⏰ 9:31

Hong Kong divided: clashes continue on eleventh week of protests

⏰ 4:45

Psychoanalyst puts Brexit Britain on the couch. Part 3: Lewes

⏰ 7:46

Police officer killed while investigating burglary

⏰ 3:47

Hong Kong: Calls for Britain to take stance on crisis

⏰ 4:44

Met Police decided against 'full' Epstein trafficking investigation

⏰ 8:40

Government’s chicken shop knife crime campaign branded ‘borderline racist’

⏰ 8:59

Hong Kong protests: China sends paramilitary police to the border

⏰ 4:01

Could Corbyn lead anti-No Deal Brexit government?

⏰ 15:39