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A local cop uncovers a disturbing truth about a strict Christian family's missing daughter. | Ritual

⏰ 15:08

A group of soldiers goes to an atomic bomb site to measure the radioactivity. | The Atomic Adventure

⏰ 26:25

A young girl enjoys the summer with friends. But her father misinterprets their games. | Due West

⏰ 17:47

A young man wants to make a movie with his friends. But friendship has its faults. | Don't Be Tight

⏰ 22:34

Best of Omeleto: January 2020 | Best Short Films

⏰ 1:14:02

A loyal dog helps his master turn sheep's wool into clouds. | After the Rain

⏰ 8:55

A young woman works at her father's butcher shop while studying as a beauty therapist. | By a Hair

⏰ 21:11

A rising basketball star is on the brink of recruitment. But his father pushes him too far. | Olde E

⏰ 14:46

A doctor struggles to deliver a tragic diagnosis. | I'm Sorry to Tell You

⏰ 6:47

An adult filmmaker discovers his ex-girlfriend is getting married. | Breathing Through Trees

⏰ 10:08

A depressed man throws a party to say goodbye to all his friends. | The Going Away Party

⏰ 9:31

2 half-brothers get a chance to say goodbye when past merges with the present. | Our Father's Cabin

⏰ 21:43

A woman gets cold feet at her bridal shower, then tries to avoid a future of regret. | Jesse's Girl

⏰ 16:20

An aspiring YouTuber shows a disturbing video to her class. | Get Ready With Me

⏰ 29:23

A Catholic man is refused a passport due to his Jewish heritage. | Taubman

⏰ 17:15

A paralyzed athlete struggles to regain his self-worth. | ASIA A

⏰ 20:12

A young boy struggles with his guilt after the death of his half-brother. | Hidden

⏰ 22:22

A grieving couple from China arrives in the U.S. for the funeral of their only child. | Fata Morgana

⏰ 20:12

Best of Omeleto: 2019 | Best Short Films

⏰ 2:11:35

A teenage boy with dysfunctional parents tries to compose a horror soundtrack. | Tim of the Jungle

⏰ 18:28

A house robbery in suburbia goes terribly wrong. | Hail Mary Country

⏰ 18:34

An awkward teacher spends Christmas Eve with a student and his attractive wife. | The Christmas Fish

⏰ 26:02

A young boy challenges a bully to a game of marbles as precious as gold. | All the Marbles

⏰ 17:33

A demon falls for a girl on the other side. | A Purgatory Story

⏰ 16:44

The final 24 hours in the life of a pinata, told from the pinata's perspective. | A King's Betrayal

⏰ 8:33

An orphan boy is asked to give a violent performance in a propaganda film. | Akeda

⏰ 17:45

The Oscars: 2 brothers discover a donkey wearing headphones in the desert. | Nefta Football Club

⏰ 17:19