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The Art of Being a Journeyman NFL Quarterback

⏰ 14:05

What Happened to Marcus Mariota?

⏰ 13:35

Pressure's On: Will the Ravens or Patriots Silence Critics in Primetime? Week 9 NFL Matchup

⏰ 9:48

How Much Has the NFL Changed in 100 Years? (+100k Subscriber Q&A)

⏰ 18:15

Make or Break: Will the Eagles or Bills Get a Statement Win on Sunday? NFL Week 8 Matchup

⏰ 9:48

How Antonio Brown Sabotaged His Own NFL Career

⏰ 15:55

Winner Take All: Will the Colts or Texans Cement Themselves Atop the AFC South? Week 7 NFL Matchup

⏰ 8:39

Battle for the West: Will the Rams Rebound or Will the 49ers Secure the Division? NFL Week 6 Matchup

⏰ 9:22

Why Tim Tebow Failed in the NFL- A Retrospective

⏰ 18:11

Contenders or Pretenders: Can the Cowboys or Packers Surge for #1 in the NFC? Week 5 NFL Matchup

⏰ 8:02

Battle in Baltimore: Will the Browns or Ravens Claim the Crown in the AFC North? Week 4 NFL Matchup

⏰ 8:23

Who Was the Absolute WORST Team in NFL History?

⏰ 10:10

Playoff Bound or Bust: Will the Chargers or Texans Step Up in the AFC Race? Week 3 NFL Matchup

⏰ 8:19

Why Larry Fitzgerald is the Most Loved Player in the NFL

⏰ 10:12

Too Close for Comfort: Will the Seahawks Steal a Victory in Pittsburgh? Week 2 NFL Matchup

⏰ 7:01

Who is the Saddest NFL Fanbase?

⏰ 8:55

The Road to Redemption: Will the Falcons or Vikings Reclaim NFC Dominance? NFL Week 1 Matchup

⏰ 8:00

Can the Indianapolis Colts Succeed After Andrew Luck's Retirement?

⏰ 10:25

How Davante Adams Rose Above His Doubters to Become an Elite Wide Receiver

⏰ 10:36

The NFL's Weakest Division is Getting Stronger by the Day- Teams to Watch in 2019

⏰ 10:24

The Great Julian Edelman Debate: Overrated or Underrated?

⏰ 10:37

The Pro Bowl is Embarrassing: Here's How to Fix It

⏰ 9:26

Not Even Time Itself Can Stop Frank Gore

⏰ 9:21

The WORST Playoff Mistakes: Where Are Those Players Now? PT. 2

⏰ 12:43

Matt Ryan Played Like an MVP in 2018... and NO ONE Cared

⏰ 11:25

Why It's Time to Stop Sleeping On Keenan Allen

⏰ 11:43

The WORST Playoff Mistakes: Where Are Those Players Now?

⏰ 9:44

Why Johnny Manziel Failed in the NFL- A Retrospective

⏰ 17:00

How the NFL Overlooked Patrick Mahomes Before His Incredible MVP Season

⏰ 13:06