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Soulja Boy Loves Him Some Soulja Boy | TMZ TV

⏰ 1:33

Cops Visit Blac Chyna After Caller Claims She Was Drunk, Neglecting Dream | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

⏰ 2:46

Martin Luther King III Says His Dad Would View Trump Shutdown as 'Inhumane' | TMZ

⏰ 1:15

DJ Paul Says MLK Would Be Proud, Being Black is in Style Now | TMZ

⏰ 2:08

Mike and Slim of 112 Still Going Strong Despite Missing Q and Daron | TMZ

⏰ 0:43

Erykah Badu Suggests R. Kelly Deserves Love & Understanding | TMZ

⏰ 2:31

Da Brat Defends R. Kelly, Questions Parents' Role in Scandal | TMZ

⏰ 1:07

Fetty Wap's Baby Mama Lezhae Lowder Arrest in Massive Brawl Caught on Video | TMZ

⏰ 3:14

Rap Legend YoYo Says R. Kelly's Crew Slipped Her Daughter His Phone Number | TMZ

⏰ 2:37

Actress Joey King Worried About Playing Convicted Murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard | TMZ

⏰ 1:49

Rosie O'Donnell Predicts Donald Trump's Future | TMZ TV

⏰ 1:30

Greg Pence Confirms Mike Pence and His Wife Are NOT Anti-LGBT? | TMZ TV

⏰ 2:06

Nelly Thinks Super Bowl Halftime Outrage Is Stupid | TMZ TV

⏰ 1:58

John Travolta Unveils New Bald Look for Living Legends of Aviation Awards | TMZ

⏰ 0:59

Ariana Grande Mum On Allegedly Ripping Off Nokia for '7 Rings' | TMZ

⏰ 0:33

Skrillex Says Regarding R. Kelly You Can't Just Erase Someone's Music | TMZ

⏰ 2:17

James Woods Says He Respects Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | TMZ

⏰ 1:17

Luke Benward Wishes He Was Obsessed With Jennifer Aniston | TMZ TV

⏰ 1:33

The New Batch of Celebs Who'll Be Living In The 'Big Brother' House | TMZ TV

⏰ 1:06

Justin & Hailey Bieber Getting Married A Second Time in L.A. Wedding | TMZ TV

⏰ 1:28

Miley Cyrus Crushes It at Chris Cornell Tribute | TMZ TV

⏰ 2:04

Killer Mike Says Protest or Not, Super Bowl a Huge Win for Black People | TMZ

⏰ 1:24

Soulja Boy Hypes Himself, Announces New Album, Further Trashes Tyga & Drake | TMZ

⏰ 2:27

Ariana Grande Get's Engaged 7 Times | TMZ TV

⏰ 1:26

Bow Wow Says Soulja Boy Paved The Way For Current Wave of Rap Artists | TMZ

⏰ 2:17

R. Kelly and Sony Music Split After 'Surviving' Fallout | TMZ News

⏰ 1:50

Betty White Celebrating 97th Birthday | TMZ TV

⏰ 0:59

'To Catch a Predator' Host Chris Hansen Arrested Over Bounced Checks | TMZ TV

⏰ 1:24

Katherine Schwarzenegger Proves Her Love for Chris Pratt with Airport Run | TMZ

⏰ 1:01

Cops On Alert for Protests During Michael Jackson Sundance Documentary | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

⏰ 3:47