Hi I'm Blitz. I play a variety of games from the smallest indies to the big AAA titles and have a lot of fun doing it. Games like Satisfactory, Astroneer, Ju...

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I Randomly Mutated Humans For 3 Millennia And This Happened in The Sapling

⏰ 15:33

Zookeeper Simulator But All Of The Animals Are Insane

⏰ 13:49

Unlocking The Secret Machines Of Balboa Island in Raft

⏰ 12:11

Catching Gigantic Fish in Virtual Reality in Real VR Fishing - Oculus Quest

⏰ 13:50

Destroying The Flame Raptor Insanity Coop Challenge in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

⏰ 17:09

Destroying America With Overpopulation And Nukes in Worldbox

⏰ 18:57

I Built A Wood Powered Engine For My Raft in Raft: The First Chapter

⏰ 19:01

When You Lose The Thing You Love The Most in Arise: A Simple Story

⏰ 24:45

I Found The Secret Abandoned Cruise Ship In The New Raft Update

⏰ 23:48

I Evolved The Craziest Dragon Ever in Miscreation

⏰ 18:28

When COPPA Accidentally Kills All 240 Billion Humans on Earth in Plague Inc Evolved

⏰ 17:15

When You Spend $1,000,000 On A 100 Meter Bridge in Poly Bridge

⏰ 15:05

I Created A Peaceful World Where Everyone Fights To The Death in Worldbox

⏰ 19:43

I Controlled The Powers Of Evolution And This Happened in Miscreation: Evolve Your Creature

⏰ 27:46

When You Accidentally Inherit a Farm in Farming Dynasty

⏰ 19:01

I Finally Caught The Secret Deepwater Crystal Fish in Cat Goes Fishing

⏰ 13:24

When Human Experiments Go Wrong in Algodoo

⏰ 16:46

When You Break Out Of A Mental Institution in Prison Architect Psych Ward DLC

⏰ 16:27

Destroying Gravity With An Unstoppable Laser Cannon in People Playground

⏰ 18:07

When You Accidentally Release 5000 Zombies On Human Civilization in Worldbox

⏰ 19:17

When You Find The Abandoned Alien Base in Cat Goes Fishing

⏰ 11:22

I Became A God And Turned Animals Into Warriors in Asgard's Wrath - Oculus Rift S VR

⏰ 19:01

I Was Sent To An Alien Planet To Automate Everything in Automation Empire

⏰ 14:03

I Built A Zoo To Exploit An Endangered Species in Planet Zoo

⏰ 16:44

I Have The Sweetest Job Ever in Bee Simulator

⏰ 18:32

I Created The Perfect World, Until I Nuked It in Worldbox

⏰ 15:32

I Caught The Hardest Fish Ever in Cat Goes Fishing

⏰ 10:52

I Let The Computer Randomly Build A Vehicle And This Happened in Crossout

⏰ 16:06

When You're A Creeper And Just Want To Blow Everything Up in Human Fall Flat Ice Map

⏰ 17:22

When You Bring Fireballs To An Undead City in A Year Of Rain

⏰ 19:15