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Anthony Albanese announces his leadership bid

⏰ 4:29

Corbyn says he 'won't support new attempt at Brexit deal'

⏰ 0:46

'Most important thing is to beat Trump' says Biden calling for unity

⏰ 1:18

Scores of people turn up to watch Tyler, The Creator in London

⏰ 0:23

Protests in Vienna after secret footage of far-right politician Strache released

⏰ 0:44

‘I’ve always believed in miracles’: Scott Morrison claims victory for the Coalition

⏰ 1:33

'Carry on the fight': Bill Shorten concedes defeat in Australian election– video

⏰ 3:19

‘This is the sweetest victory of all’: Peter Dutton quotes Paul Keating after winning Dickson- video

⏰ 0:31

'I'd rather be a loser than a quitter' Tony Abbott concedes seat of Warringah

⏰ 2:17

'Sucked in with a sucker punch': Barnaby Joyce slams GetUp while celebrating in New England

⏰ 0:31

Missouri abortion ban: protesters disrupt debate as House passes extreme bill

⏰ 1:10

Missouri poised to pass restrictive abortion law - watch live

⏰ 2:34:19

Oceans of Noise – Guardian podcast | Science Weekly

⏰ 1:10

Theresa May blames Labour divisions for collapse of Brexit talks

⏰ 0:56

Grumpy Cat: Internet’s most famous cat dies aged seven

⏰ 1:15

Celebrations as Taiwan becomes first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage

⏰ 0:57

Damage filmed inside warehouse after fighter jet crash in California- video

⏰ 0:22

Chelsea Manning tells press before Thursday hearing: 'I will not comply or cooperate’

⏰ 1:14

Bob Hawke belts out rendition of Waltzing Matilda

⏰ 1:45

Trump unveils new US immigration plans, including immigrants being required to learn English

⏰ 2:56

Female deer spotted swimming in canal in inner city Manchester

⏰ 0:17

Donald Trump and Conrad Black: their mutual admiration in five clips

⏰ 1:27

UK Brexit lawmakers take questions in parliament

⏰ 1:29:39

Alabama: Republican state passes near-total ban on abortion

⏰ 2:08

Moves like Mick Jagger ... even after heart surgery

⏰ 0:37

What female senators had to say about Alabama's abortion bill

⏰ 1:26

Senator reacts to Alabama abortion ban with no rape or incest exceptions

⏰ 1:23

PMQs - watch live

⏰ 1:43:46

Listen to audio of G4S crew discussing how they could 'beat patient to a pulp'

⏰ 1:09

Pro-choice supporters protest against Alabama's abortion ban

⏰ 0:21