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Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon reviews lockdown in Scotland – watch live

⏰ 1:16:57

Gove and Frost questioned by EU Committee on Brexit negotiations – watch live

Joe Biden reacts as US coronavirus death toll passes 100,000

⏰ 2:20

Coronavirus: WHO holds briefing to update on the global outbreak – watch live

⏰ 1:11:05

George Floyd: aerial footage shows protesters block LA highway

⏰ 0:30

SpaceX launches first crewed mission to International Space Station – watch live

⏰ 5:16:48

How ministers have attempted to defend Dominic Cummings

⏰ 2:37

Coronavirus: Matt Hancock holds daily UK briefing – watch live

⏰ 1:06:16

Meg Hillier and Yvette Cooper question Boris Johnson on Dominic Cummings

⏰ 4:24

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson faces questions from MPs at liaison committee – watch live

⏰ 1:45:46

Coronavirus: WHO holds briefing to update on the global outbreak – watch live

⏰ 1:21:16

Minneapolis police fire teargas at protesters after death of George Floyd

⏰ 1:34

Hong Kong crisis: protesters and police clash over new anthem law

⏰ 0:46

Giant kookaburra built during lockdown in Australia takes 'flight'

⏰ 0:23

Kayleigh McEnany praises Trump's Covid-19 response as US deaths approach 100,000

⏰ 2:23

Matt Hancock: fines given to families who broke lockdown for childcare to be reviewed

⏰ 1:00

Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon holds Scotland briefing – watch live

⏰ 1:10:57

'Why not go to Specsavers?': Michael Gove grilled over Dominic Cummings trip

⏰ 2:22

Michael Gove: Cummings was trying to limit spread of virus with 260-mile drive to Durham

⏰ 1:23

'I don't regret it': Cummings refuses to apologise in Q&A

⏰ 2:36

Donald Trump delivers Memorial Day address, returns to golf course

⏰ 1:00

Hydroxychloroquine: WHO pauses Covid-19 clinical trial

⏰ 2:23

Joe Biden re-emerges for Memorial Day after two months in quarantine

⏰ 0:39

Boris Johnson says people should make up own minds on Dominic Cummings

⏰ 2:46

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson holds daily briefing amid Cummings row – watch live

⏰ 1:28:07

Boris Johnson says non-essential shops to reopen on 15 June

⏰ 2:08