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Hong Kong protesters sing 'God Save The Queen' in plea to Britain

⏰ 1:23

Zimbabwe holds state funeral for Robert Mugabe in capital Harare

⏰ 1:38

Spain floods: entire towns submerged after south-east battered by severe storms

⏰ 1:15

Pro-democracy protesters clash with Beijing supporters after standoff in Hong Kong mall

⏰ 0:51

Saudi Arabia: major fire at world's largest oil refinery after drone attack

⏰ 0:52

Greta Thunberg joins students outside the White House - watch live

⏰ 2:24:59

DC students join Thunberg during climate crisis protest - watch live

⏰ 2:22:07

Donald Trump blames lightbulbs for his orange hue

⏰ 1:06

Extinction Rebellion protesters stage 'die-in' outside London fashion week venue

⏰ 0:46

Boris Johnson delivers speech in Rotherham - as it happened

⏰ 1:10:36

'Why aren't you in parliament?' Boris Johnson heckled in Rotherham

⏰ 0:46

Boris Johnson confronted in Doncaster: 'You have cheek to come here'

⏰ 0:20

David Littleproud's flip flop on climate science

⏰ 1:46

US election 2020: highlights from the third Democratic presidential debate

⏰ 3:05

Beto O'Rourke on gun control: 'Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15'

⏰ 1:42

Castro questions Biden's memory during third Democrat debate

⏰ 0:36

Extreme rainfall triggers flooding in parts of Spain

⏰ 0:42

Irish backstop: UK offers no 'credible' alternatives, says EU parliament chief

⏰ 1:04

House judiciary committee considers steps for Trump's impeachment – watch live

⏰ 1:58:13

Australia bushfires: hundreds evacuated in worst start to fire season on record

⏰ 1:38

Boris Johnson says claims he lied to Queen are 'absolutely not' true

⏰ 1:15

‘Stop putting kids in jail’: Indigenous boy asks the UN to help end youth incarceration

⏰ 1:04

New Zealand firefighters perform haka to pay tribute to 9/11 first responders

⏰ 0:47

Trump plans e-cigarette ban to combat teen vaping

⏰ 0:44