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Donald Trump says tweets 'not at all' racist

⏰ 0:45

Jeremy Hunt says 'small window' exists to save Iran nuclear deal

⏰ 0:36

Jellyfish as big as a human spotted off Cornwall coast

⏰ 0:41

Riot police clash with protesters inside Hong Kong mall

⏰ 1:27

Hong Kong protesters rally in Sha Tin

⏰ 7:29:37

French President Macron presides over Bastille Day military parade

⏰ 3:28:17

Storm Barry batters parts of Louisiana

⏰ 1:09

Jet-powered flyboard steals the show at Bastille Day celebrations

⏰ 1:00

Deadly monsoon floods and landslides hit Nepal

⏰ 1:26

Residents direct traffic after power cut hits Manhattan

⏰ 0:29

Mike Pence visits migrant detention facilities on southern US border

⏰ 1:09

Police use pepper spray to disperse protesters in Hong Kong

⏰ 0:40

Five bull runners hospitalised in Pamplona festival

⏰ 0:50

Hearing on US border and child separation – watch live

⏰ 6:41:25

Boris Johnson admits he should have been more supportive towards Darroch after heckle

⏰ 1:11

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson take part in latest hustings – watch live

⏰ 1:44:41

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson take part in latest hustings – watch live

⏰ 4:20

Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Pressley describe conditions in border detention facilities

⏰ 2:29

Jeremy Hunt: the UK doesn't want to escalate Gulf tensions

⏰ 1:11

Trump as Acosta resigns: This was him, not me, because I'm with him

⏰ 1:30

Trump orders federal agencies to hand over citizenship data

⏰ 1:43

Tourists flock to climb Uluru before October ban

⏰ 0:55

Trump expected to announce executive action on US census - watch live

⏰ 38:43

Boris Johnson vows to 'stand up for Britain's diplomats' amid Tory criticism

⏰ 0:53

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt take part in latest hustings in Maidstone – watch live

⏰ 2:03:22

Boris Johnson: Donald Trump's tweets could perhaps be more diplomatic

⏰ 0:53

Nancy Pelosi says she 'respects the value' of every member after reports of spat with AOC

⏰ 1:32

Harvey Weinstein appears in court – watch live

⏰ 1:26:55

Boris Johnson criticised over Darroch: 'the most craven and despicable act of cowardice'

⏰ 1:26

Greece: 20-minute storm kills six tourists in Halkidiki

⏰ 1:01