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These are my late night thoughts and opinions regarding current events.

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Chris Watts and his Aw Shucks Demeanor: What does it mean?

⏰ 44:58

Chris Watts Groupies and One Troublesome Theory

⏰ 1:27:38

Chris Watts Groupies

⏰ 1:23:46

This word "temporary." It is your superpower!

⏰ 10:51

Saturday Lounging in My Hooker Bed...its mah hookah bed!

⏰ 1:52:43

BEAUTIFUL DAY...crimes to solve.

⏰ 14:56

Rehabbing my Image After a Late Night Rant - I do not take Ambien.

⏰ 1:13:09

SCARED HAHAHAHAH... When People Send You Links To Videos...proceed wit h caution.

⏰ 55:51

Ulta Haul Make Up and Being Two Faced. Jacklyn Hill STILL has the best Morphe Pallet around.

⏰ 7:47

imitation as highest form of flattery

⏰ 33:01

Gaslighting and Mental Health

⏰ 2:03:34

Youtube Friends

⏰ 1:30:03

Revenge: What is it and what to do with it.

⏰ 20:57


⏰ 38:01

Chris Watts battlelines and the Possibility of a Master Manipulator

⏰ 24:52

Nadler vs Reality

⏰ 55:26

Every View and Every Minute of View Time Rewards the Narcissists and the Trainwrecks

⏰ 50:27

Critical Kraykray and Her Very Bizarre Love For Creepy Chris Watts

⏰ 14:01


⏰ 5:12

Mueller Testimony and His Mental Status

⏰ 1:50:03

Something is Burning: TEXAS STYLE

⏰ 8:42

FBI Profiling and the Delphi Story

⏰ 2:48:52

Chris Watts Expert Detectives and Delusions of Grandeur

⏰ 1:05:08

Trait Anxiety and Managing State Anxiety while listening to Jeffrey Epstein News or Chris Watts Stuf

⏰ 1:14:24