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Channel videos

HLS Library Book Talk | Felony and the Guilty Mind in Medieval England

⏰ 1:04:29

HALB presents Mandy DeFilippo ‘00, Global Head of Risk Management at Morgan Stanley

⏰ 45:13

Corruption and Anticorruption: A talk by Professor Matthew Stephenson

⏰ 1:10:43

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier Discusses Digital Technology Ethics

⏰ 1:28:26

HALB presents Matt Levine: Money Stuff and Life Stuff

⏰ 57:45

HLS Library Book Talk | When Should Law Forgive?

⏰ 58:28

HLS Library Book Talk | In Hoffa's Shadow

⏰ 1:00:59

Faculty Voices | Urs Gasser on AI governance and advising the German government

⏰ 3:06

Elections, online manipulation and cyber threats: Justice Hanan Melcer on Israel’s 2019 Elections

⏰ 1:25:49

Clinic Stories | Adeyemi Adediran ’21 goes to the Seventh Circuit

⏰ 6:23

Cass Sunstein: Where do dogs come from?

⏰ 57:50

The Electoral College | Keynote Luncheon with Lawrence Lessig and Stuart Stevens

⏰ 1:08:37

Victor Madrigal-Borloz: On Social Inclusion—A Preview of the Report to the 2019 UN General Assembly

⏰ 59:05

The Hon. Guido Calabresi, "Liability Rules: What They Are and What They Are Not"

⏰ 38:34

Innovation, Justice and Globalization Panel: The puzzles of overlapping and hybrid IP rights

⏰ 1:25:18

Innovation, Justice and Globalization Panel: Do antitrust and competition law trust IP law too much?

⏰ 1:20:44

Innovation, Justice and Globalization Panel: Property rights versus liability rules

⏰ 1:16:51

Innovation, Justice and Globalization Panel: TRIPs and the role of IP rights in developing countries

⏰ 1:27:14

Innovation, Justice and Globalization Panel: Challenges to the Digital Commons

⏰ 1:12:22

Panel: "Non-voluntary licensing of pharma patents: assessing the post-Doha Declaration TRIPs system"

⏰ 1:23:59

Yochai Benkler, "Productivity and Power: The Role of Technology in Political Economy"

⏰ 45:07

Innovation, Justice and Globalization welcome, Panel: The Economics of Innovation and Development

⏰ 1:47:48

HLS Legal Services Center: A Veteran's Story

⏰ 3:20

HLS Library Book Talk | Taiwan and International Human Rights: A Story of Transformation

⏰ 1:26:41

A Survivor’s Story: From the Atomic Bomb to the Nobel Peace Prize

⏰ 54:48

HLS Library Book Talk | Democracy and Dysfunction

⏰ 1:16:38

HLS Library Book Talk | Transparency in Health and Health Care in the United States: Law and Ethics

⏰ 57:42

Sports, Law and Life: Olympic Gold Medalist Bob Beamon, Long Jump Record Holder

⏰ 2:03:58

Banned Books Week | Randall Kennedy on American Slavery / American Censorship

⏰ 1:00:01

2019 Supreme Court Environmental Law Review and Preview

⏰ 1:05:17