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If you love baseball this is the channel for you. 3-4 videos a week on ALL THINGS MLB. On this channel we're going to be doing MLB history videos, MLB explan...

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Channel videos

Boston Red Sox 2017 POSTSEASON HYPE video!!!!!

⏰ 3:52

NL Wild Card Game HYPE Rockies vs Diamondbacks POSTSEASON HYPE!!!

⏰ 3:09

AL Wild Card Game HYPE - Twins vs Yankees playoff HYPE!!!!

⏰ 5:18

Cleveland Indians 2017 POSTSEASON HYPE video!!!

⏰ 3:03

Houston Astros 2017 POSTSEASON HYPE video!!!

⏰ 3:00

Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 POSTSEASON HYPE video!!!!

⏰ 2:47

Washington Nationals 2017 MLB playoffs HYPE video!!!

⏰ 3:09

What if Aaron Judge STRUCK OUT like an AVERAGE MLB player?!?!?

⏰ 3:24

Cleveland Indians 22 GAME win streak HYPE highlights video!!!

⏰ 4:01

Why the Justin Verlander trade will propel the ASTROS to the WORLD SERIES!!!!

⏰ 4:15

Which state has produced the best MLB players?!?!?

⏰ 3:32

The GREATEST home run hitter of all time, that NO ONE knows!!!

⏰ 3:24

Top 5 BIGGEST brawls in MLB history!!!

⏰ 6:48

What college has the MOST former players CURRENTLY in the MLB?!?!?

⏰ 2:40

Can former LLWS players make up an MLB all-star team?!?!?

⏰ 4:13

One of the BEST Baby Bombers that NO ONE knows!!!

⏰ 4:07

Why drafting MLB talent and not signing free agents is the way MLB teams win wold series's!!!

⏰ 5:15

The most INFAMOUS offseason a MLB team has EVER had!!!

⏰ 3:22

The BEST and most UNDERRATED player taken in the 2017 MLB draft!!

⏰ 3:14

What if the MLB had basketball's one and done draft rule???

⏰ 6:15

Top 5 most savages moments in MLB history full youtube video

⏰ 3:41

Why Chicago Cubs fans are HORRIBLE people!!

⏰ 4:50

What if the Astros drafted Kris Bryant FIRST overall in the 2013 MLB draft?!?

⏰ 5:56

Top 5 worst MLB draft picks who were busts from the 2000's!!

⏰ 4:32

Does the Home Run Derby RUIN player's swings?!?

⏰ 4:15

The history of ONE-ARMED baseball players!!

⏰ 2:58

Why CODY BELLINGER and AARON JUDGE are hitting home runs at a HISTORIC pace!!

⏰ 5:26

The next BABE RUTH awaiting his 300 MILLION DOLLAR contract!!

⏰ 7:54

The CRAZIEST MLB all star game that spanned TWO days!

⏰ 2:52

The only Major Leaguer whose career ended on the FIRST PITCH he saw!!

⏰ 3:59