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Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick reportedly eyes presidential bid

⏰ 3:46

Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalized

⏰ 5:53

Dems, GOP prepare for public impeachment hearings Wednesday

⏰ 19:29

Pete Buttigieg unveils plan to help veterans and active-duty service members

⏰ 5:28

Man arrested after 15-year-old girl escapes kidnapping, authorities say

⏰ 1:28

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasts the "authoritarianism" of President Trump

⏰ 0:45

Chairman Adam Schiff's plan for the Trump impeachment inquiry

⏰ 5:41

Impeachment 101: How the process works and what offenses qualify

⏰ 12:16

Warren and Sanders aim attacks at Michael Bloomberg

⏰ 9:29

Deval Patrick reportedly considering entering 2020 Democratic primary

⏰ 7:59

Amazon to open new line of grocery stores, first in California

⏰ 0:30

Longtime Congressman Peter King not seeking reelection in 2020

⏰ 2:01

Anti-Trump protesters clash with WWII vet at NYC Veterans Day Parade

⏰ 1:04

13-year-old Broadway star Laurel Griggs has died

⏰ 0:56

Supreme Court to tackle Trump's DACA termination

⏰ 6:50

Where the low unemployment rate is creating headaches

⏰ 1:27

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba rakes in billions in Singles Day sales

⏰ 1:14

Paralyzed veteran completes NYC marathon in robotic exoskeleton

⏰ 10:07

The Farmer's Dog's human-tested dog food draws attention in fast-growing pet food category

⏰ 3:18

SpaceX launches solar-powered Starlink internet satellites into orbit

⏰ 1:35

How Michael Bloomberg's candidacy could shake up 2020 race

⏰ 6:37

Trump honors veterans in New York City

⏰ 3:06

Instagram to hide "likes" for some U.S. users

⏰ 5:21

U.S.-backed lenders fund Guatemalan migrants, Washington Post reports

⏰ 10:26

2 killed in car that crashed into office building's 2nd floor

⏰ 1:57

Woman selling churros at NYC subway station arrested

⏰ 2:32

Bolivian President Evo Morales resigns after election fraud and protests

⏰ 0:33

How televised impeachment inquiry hearings could impact public opinion

⏰ 8:21

Deadly wildfires ravage Australia's drought-stricken East Coast

⏰ 3:35

Admissions scandal unfolding at Harvard University

⏰ 5:46