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Michigan Candidate Shocks Forum After Declaring She Wants To Keep City 'A White Community' | TIME

⏰ 2:13

City Council Candidate In MI Says She Wants To Keep Community White 'As Much As Possible' | TIME

⏰ 1:07

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Treated For Cancerous Tumor On Her Pancreas | TIME

⏰ 0:52

Word Of The Day: EXCURSION | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME

⏰ 0:35

White House Trade Advisor Responds To China Announcing Tariffs On $75 Billion In U.S. Goods | TIME

⏰ 0:35

What Does The G7 Stand For? | TIME

⏰ 2:04

Multi-Billionaire David Koch, Who Spent Millions Supporting Conservative Policies, Dies At 79 | TIME

⏰ 0:55

Pro-Democracy Protesters Form Human Chains In Hong Kong | TIME

⏰ 1:00

Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Released From Jail After Leading Protests | TIME

⏰ 1:26

Miley Cyrus Slams Rumors About The End Of Her Marriage In Twitter Thread | TIME

⏰ 1:09

Light Rail Train Derailment In California Injures 27 | TIME

⏰ 1:06

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Smoke Filled The Cabin | TIME

⏰ 0:39

Man Charged In Death Of Detroit Girl Attacked By Three Dogs | TIME

⏰ 0:49

38 Ex-Students Accuse Orthodox Rabbis Of Sexual Abuse At Yeshiva University High School In NY | TIME

⏰ 1:50

Divers Visited The Titanic's Wreck For The First Time In over A Decade | TIME

⏰ 1:40

Overstock CEO Resigns After Unusual Message About 'Deep State' | TIME

⏰ 0:46

How JoJo Siwa Built Her Sparkly Empire: The YouTube Superstar On Her Career, Fans & More | TIME

⏰ 2:40

Iceland's Prime Minister Says She'll Skip Mike Pence's Visit, Citing 'Prior Commitments' | TIME

⏰ 1:16

New Zealand House Speaker Feeds Lawmaker's Baby During Parliament Debate | TIME

⏰ 0:45

Word Of The Day: CHIVY | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME

⏰ 0:35

A Record Number Of Fires Are Currently Burning Across The Amazon Rainforest | TIME

⏰ 1:20

What The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Looks Like Without Spider-Man | TIME

⏰ 2:48

How Venezuela's Political Crisis Is Pushing Women Into 'Forced Motherhood' | TIME

⏰ 1:20

Trump Reverses Course On Gun Control Again, Says He Backs Tighter Background Checks | TIME

⏰ 1:09

We're One Step Closer To A Blood Test That Predicts When A Person Will Die | TIME

⏰ 2:10

President Trump Delivers Remarks At The American Veterans 75th National Convention | TIME

⏰ 1:03:13

How To Make Your Phone's Battery Last Longer | TIME

⏰ 2:05

Word Of The Day: MISNOMER | Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day | TIME

⏰ 0:37

Trump Administration Moves To End Rule Limiting Detention Of Migrant Children | TIME

⏰ 2:39

Indiana Cyanide Leak Kills 3,000 Fish And Shut Down Beaches At America's Newest National Park | TIME

⏰ 1:10