Gilligan Phantom

Gilligan Phantom is a friendly school bus being converted to a tiny home. We bought him in California and drove him all the way home to South Carolina! Visit...

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Day in the Life of a Family Who Lives In a School Bus (Bonus Treasure Hunting Adventures)

⏰ 17:03

Amateur Builder Turns School Bus into GORGEOUS Tiny House: 18 Month TIME LAPSE

⏰ 12:35

Skoolie Tour: a Rare California School Bus Becomes a DREAMY Tiny House for 3

⏰ 14:35

Gilligan Phantom VS Hurricane Dorian (we moved our skoolie 🚌 and YES we have another LEAK😱)

⏰ 10:10

Finished the Plumbing in Our Skoolie Conversion and Stage One of the Build is Officially Done!

⏰ 9:21

Moving Our Skoolie Conversion For the First Time in 18 Months: Bus Conversion Ep 57 #buslife

⏰ 9:03

Plumbing the Kitchen Sink in Our School Bus Conversion (DIY Skoolie Build) Ep 56

⏰ 10:21

Skoolie Plumbing: We Have Running Water on the Bus! Skoolie Conversion #Buslife

⏰ 18:31

Installing LED Strip Lights In Our School Bus Conversion: Ep 54

⏰ 7:06

Airhead Composting Toilet Install in a School Bus Conversion/Skoolie: Ep 53

⏰ 10:01

How To Run DC Lights and Appliances Without a Battery Bank in a Bus Conversion/Skoolie/RV/Van

⏰ 6:29

Installing and Testing a Mini Split AC in a Bus Conversion: How Many Do You Need? Ep 51

⏰ 13:15

How We Mounted a Mini Split AC (Air Conditioner) on the Back of Our School Bus Tiny House Ep 51

⏰ 8:02

Hanging Doors and Making Drawer Fronts in Our Skoolie: School Bus Conversion Ep 50

⏰ 10:51

You Can Make a Sliding Door With Drawer Slides in a Skoolie: School Bus Conversion Ep 49

⏰ 8:14

Paint the Plywood Floors in Your Skoolie If You Really Wanna: School Bus Conversion Ep 48

⏰ 8:12

School Bus TIny House Gets Cool Custom Bedroom For Skoolie Toddler: DIY Bus Conversion Ep 47

⏰ 11:05

School Bus Tiny House Goes Full Luxury With Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash: Skoolie Conversion

⏰ 11:12

Quartz Kitchen Counters in a Skoolie (Are We Freaking Nuts?!): School Bus Conversion Ep 48

⏰ 9:50

Solar Install Follow Up: Testing Wiring With the Midnite Classic 150: School Bus Conversion Ep 47

⏰ 3:18

3S3P 2,430 Watt Solar Panel Wiring on a School Bus (Wire At Your Own Risk) Ep 46

⏰ 9:36

Locking and Modifying Skoolie Front Door: School Bus Conversion Ep 46

⏰ 10:29

We Put an AC Refrigerator in Our School Bus Conversion and Built a Cabinet Around It EP 45

⏰ 4:54

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Fronts and Dinette Seats (School Bus Conversion Ep 44

⏰ 6:33

We Put 9 Solar Panels and a Roof Deck on a School Bus (Conversion Ep 43)

⏰ 4:58

How to Lock Your Emergency Door/Keep Your Toddler From Falling Down The Stairs: Bus Conversion Ep 42

⏰ 8:17

Skoolie Power: An Overview of the AC Electrical System On Our Bus Conversion: Ep 41

⏰ 7:28

50 Amp Shore Power And Panel (Skoolie Electrical): School Bus Conversion Ep 40

⏰ 8:19

K.I.S.S Skoolie Daybed Couches: School Bus Conversion Ep 39

⏰ 3:43

K.I.S.S King Size Bed in a School Bus Conversion Ep 38

⏰ 8:46