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Forex Megadroid - The Reliable Cheap Automated Trading Robot

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Forex Megadroid will not be able to deliver great results if not for the Forex Monarch Review features that are installed in this trading robot. Every trading robot has its own unique features and Forex Megadroid has a set of unique features that made it one of the top-performing trading robots for years. This article will show you some of the exceptional features of Megadroid and hopefully, this will help you improve the results of your trades.

RCTPA or the Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis is one of the features that can only be found in Forex Megadroid. It is responsible for the ability of this robot to accurately predict the forthcoming 2-4 hours in the market trend. Imagine the results that you can receive if you have the ability to see the future of the market, and make the appropriate adjustments before it happens. The RCTPA is also the feature that allowed Megadroid to deliver an impressive 95% profitable trades.

Another great feature is the Position Sizing, which gives the users of Megadroid the freedom to set a specific level of risk that the robot will endure before stopping the trades. This further improves the configurability of Megadroid, giving its user a better authority when participating in trades. The Position Sizing is a configuration that you can easily change, and it will determine the level of risk, or the scale of the trade to enter.

The last feature that this article will be discussing is the Stealth Mode, which hides you from Forex brokers. When a broker finds out that you are using a trading robot, he will manipulate your trades in order to minimize your profits. That is why brokers cannot detect users of Forex Megadroid. This robot executes different trading strategies, allowing the brokers to think that you are not using a trading robot.


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