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How to Build Yard-Wide Shoulders Or How to Cook Up a Tasty Set of Delts

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Eventually I was down to a single whole body workout a week, doing Testo-Max Review one set per exercise for upper body and two sets per exercise for lower body so I could get a decent amount of exercises from enough angles to work all sections of the major muscle groups. It worked, I started gaining and improving, but as time went by I noticed that by training the muscles once a week my body felt in a positive anabolic state for three to four days after the workout although feeling excessively tired, then feeling back to normal by day four or five before starting to feel in a negative state, feeling like I was slipping in the remaining days leading to my next workout.

Every time I tried adding a second workout to my schedule, no matter how condensed, it did nothing to move me forward. At their worst the second workouts further fatigued me and at their best they did nothing to further fatigue me but nothing to enhance my energy, regular workout productivity, or physique improvement. I had already abandoned rep ranges below ten reps, finding no further place for them in my training as I was as big as I was ever going to get and my tendons, ligaments, and joints leapt for joy, no more weekly poundings with heavy weight for low to medium reps.

I was rewarded with being able to keep the muscle I had built and improving on the refinements of my physique by bringing up parts of each muscle group to further balance and complete my development, all without joint stiffness and connective tissue fatigue from all the excessive pull on the ligaments and tendons that heavy weight impose. But still I felt something was lacking.

I had always known there was more to a muscle than muscle fiber, There were slow twitch and fast twitch fibers, capillaries, muscle cell myrofibrils, along with extracellular and intracellular fluid. In my earlier days this other stuff didn't interest me, I just wanted to lift heavy and get big and strong even though I knew that these other components were capable of some increase in muscle size. Some increase equated to not worth my while as I was after big gains.


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