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Why does a Google map stop working on android and how to fix it?

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Ways to fix Google maps if it is not working

Google Maps is a web mapping service launched by Google in 2005. Google maps offers a number of services like street maps, 360° views of streets, satellite imagery, real-time traffic conditions, aerial photography, and route planning depending upon user’s vehicle. The app has numerous benefits and thus it is highly popular. Its users are increasing every day. However several times Google maps stops working and also crashes. If you are wondering Why Is Google Maps Not Working on your android phone and how to fix it then this blog will tell you all this.

  1. Background apps

Many times background apps create problems and do not allow smooth functioning of Google map. If many apps are running in the background then they can make the phone slow and also drain the battery. Also if any background app is corrupted then it might not let Google maps work properly. So make sure you close all the background apps and then use Google maps.

  1. Location access

Your Google map might not be working properly because you have not given it location access or your GPS is turned off. Google maps need our location access in order to work efficiently. So make sure your location is on and you do not deny when it asks for location access.

  1. Restart phone

Sometimes because of app glitches or technical errors Google maps can stop working. To solve these issue users can restart their phone. This is the easiest way to make your maps work again. Just reboot your phone by long pressing the power button. After the phone restarts try to use Google maps again.

  1. Cache and cookies

Bad or corrupted cookies and cache can also stop Google maps from working. Several times these unwanted cache and cookies block the working app. To fix this, you can go to setting option and clear the cache and cookies.

  1. Update Google maps

Another reason for your Google map to not work could be because you do not have its updated version. Sometime old versions do not support the app and thus does not allow the app to work properly. That is why make sure you have the latest version of Google maps installed in your phone.

  1. Customer care center

If the problem still exists and Google maps do not starts working then you can contact their customer care executives. They are very experienced and professional team. They will provide you with all possible assistance and will give you instant solution.



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