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The Key to a Woman's Workout Wedding Weight Loss Program is Perseverance

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Scientists also advices any body who wants to reduce or lose Flat Belly Fix Review weight, to stand on the scale first thing in the morning, as it is well known that human's weight is at its minimum at morning. Then it starts to increase with the day's hours as we start to eat and drink. Watching TV prevent our bodies from the physical activates and movement which both burn fat. Even more, people who watch TV for more than two hours a day consume more food and drinks as they entertain themselves which watching TV by food and drinks. So dietary specialists, advice us not to watch TV for more than two hours a day, and replace that time with any useful activity.

Researches that were done by scientists from Chicago University, had proven that by decreasing the sleeping hours, a decrease in some hormones that are responsible for reducing apatite will results. So short period of sleeping is proportion to obesity according to Prof. James Kangwitsh from Colombia University Medical Center. Prof. James Kangwitsh, added that researches which were done on 9588 women from different states in the United States, by monitoring their sleeping habits and their weights, had proven that women who sleep 6 hours or less were suspected to be obese 34% more that women who sleep 8 hours daily. And he assure that 7 hours sleeping a day should be the minimum sleeping period, and also he advises that sleeping should be early at night.

Water should not be taken only when feeling thirsty, we should drink water as much as we can as water is very important for metabolism process which burns the stored fat in our bodies. Researches made by German scientists had proven that drinking 8 glasses of water every day will increase the ability of the body to do metabolism by 30%; also its effect will last for 90 minutes after drinking. Scientists explained this increase in metabolism percentage as one third of this increment comes from the effort the body undergoes to warm the cold water, and the other two thirds come from the effort done to absorb this amount of water. As we drink water there is no calories intake with it, but on the contrary there is consumption of calories by burning some amount of the stored fat in our bodies, this is absolutely the opposite when drinking soft drinks, as it contains many calories, where some will be burned by the body and the rest will be stored as fat in our bodies.

Dr. Michal Botchman from the faculty of medicine, Berlin University, stated that drinking 8 glasses of water every day will reduce the body weight by 8 pound a year. With this opinion goes most of the dietary specialists as they advice us to drink one glass of cold water before every meal and snack we take every day, and two glasses of cold water before eating sweets, candies or sugary juices, as this will boost the metabolism burning most of the calories which will be taken by the food eaten after drinking water.


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