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Fire Safety 101: Only You Can Protect Your Family From Fire Tragedy

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Of course there are other tools that a good outdoor lover will always Alphanation Combat Fighter Review have with them whenever hiking, camping, horseback riding, biking, or just about any other means of getting into the wilds. Most of the tools we will be concentrating on here are items that are easily carried on your person. There are countless variations of tools that can help you with all of this, and a good adventurer will ALWAYS have at the very least a set of the basics with them.

It is more than logical that one of the most important tools to always have with you is a good survival knife. It wasn't all that long ago when practically every man carried a pocketknife, and wouldn't even think of going into the woods without a trusty hunting knife strapped on his belt. Generally, modern survival knives are very robust and multifunctional, even if a bit smaller and less flashy.

A good survival knife will be made of one solid piece of metal where the blade merges with the handle in what is called either a Full Tang or Narrow Tang design, and may end in a pommel at the but end of the tang. Avoid cheaply made knives that have a hollow handle for other gadgets, or that have the blade as a separate piece from the handle. Also avoid oversized too heavy Rambo style knives, as many of the things a survivalist needs to do will be more detailed than a larger knife is suited for.

In today's world there are many different ways of making fire. It is a must to learn as many as you can, and many survivalists recommend that you have at least 3 means of making fire with you at all times. Of course there are waterproof matches and butane lighters, and they are always good to have with you. But they may not be 100 percent reliable in poor conditions.


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