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Men's Skin Care - Why it is Important?

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One of the immediate effects from heavy exposure to sun is the Natural Vitiligo Treatment System Review redness and irritation of skin. Be careful in using skincare products as some of them contain chemical agents such as retinol, and some other acid components. They make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage. In this way your skin could permanently become photosensitive, and a few minutes exposure could cause itching and reddening of the skin.

The UV radiations are the culprit in causing age spots and dark pigmentations. They are most likely to occur on the face and this is very depressing for most of the people. They result from an abnormal melanin production. They are recognized as circular brown or black spots. Besides these short term effects, the most pressing issue, is the accelerated aging process. The radiations from sun have a major share of blame in it. You can confirm this fact of early aging by viewing the skin of farmers who are exposed to sun for long durations. The formation of premature wrinkle is clearly evident on their skin. You could easily be mistaken for a 40 year old man who appears 60.

The basic harming agents are the UVA and UVB rays. UVA penetrates the skin and damages the supportive protein fibers such as collagen and elastin. This makes the skin loose and livid, and gives way to wrinkle formation. UVB is capable of penetrating deep in to the subcutaneous layer of the skin which causes deep and pronounced wrinkles.

It is in your hands to prevent the problems associated with sun exposure. Use only those skincare products that have sun protection or SPF. The people, who have to stay under the sun for long durations, should use higher SPF. This is one way by which you could prevent and to some extent, reverse the effects of radiations from the sun.


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