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Learn Photography in Mumbai

Photography is a fascinating art which has captivated people’s imagination for almost two centuries. It is a wonderful medium for expressing your creativity and passion for playing around with the sights and lights to create just the perfect picture you want.
A beginner faces quite a challenge in not knowing how and where to begin, unfamiliarity with the way equipments work and the techniques involved and the finer intricacies related to photography.

This is where Toehold, India’s top travel and photography company can help. For those wishing to Learn Photography in Mumbai and pursue it on a more serious level, as well as for photography enthusiasts and veterans in the field, Toehold offers everything they could possibly need. We offer various services such as photography workshops, photography tours, kids’ events, camera rentals and even personalized vacations to help people master this art through a combination of learning and fun.

Toehold was established in the year 2010 with the aim of making photography accessible to the masses and offering a wholesome customer experience by providing the requisite tools, knowledge and guidance to help them achieve their creative aspirations via photography and travel.

Toehold  Photography Workshops is a well-known institute for those seeking to learn photography. The enthusiasts are mentored by a brilliant team of professional photographers who collectively hold over 100 years’ of experience in this field. We incorporate plenty of practical exercises to complement the theory taught in the classroom. Our course is aptly structured to suit students with all the levels of expertise. We also provide a certificate of participation and free reference material, support and advice after the conclusion of our workshop.

Toehold Photography Tours are diligently designed to generate copious photo opportunities and are led by professionals, and are a great way to fully explore a place with a camera. With a tantalizing array of destinations and tours, ranging from the grasslands of the Savannah in the company of the big cats, to the salubrious climes of Ladakh in the lap of the Himalayas and from the beautiful Far East in Russia to the sheer biodiversity of Costa Rica. Our tours are a great way to get some hands-on photography assistance on-field and extensive learning off-field, while experiencing the pleasure of travel and learning in a fun and a unique way.

Toehold also offers photography equipment camera rental service as part of its endeavor to help people passionate about photography overcome the limitations of lenses and other necessary equipment in their pursuit of getting the high-quality image they want. Our stores are located in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

Toehold Kids Events are diligently planned camps and workshops for children between the ages 10 and 16which combine learning and fun in an exhilarating experience, whilst inculcating in them the love for Mother Nature and her bountiful treasures. We organize a variety of games, activities and practical exercises suited for all the age-groups present, under the expert supervision of veteran photographer Phillip Ross. Through all of this, the safety and well-being of the children is assured. There are different packages to choose from, such as the Mother-Child Summer Camp at Bannerghatta, Nilgiris Birding and Wildlife Camp at Mudumalai National Park, Rainforest Exploration Camp at Annamalai, Teen Sensation at Kenya and a few others.

We also offer customized vacations through our Toehold Personalized Vacations packages, to satisfy the solitary wanderer in you. Through our unmatched organizing skills and careful planning and execution, we tailor the vacations to the customer’s exact specifications and allow them to enjoy the trip on their own terms, while simultaneously benefitting from expert guidance and the best resources. The diverse locales vary from the wilderness of Africa to the popular tourist and heritage sites in India.

In keeping with our aim of making photography truly accessible to one and all, Toehold offers customized photography training to individuals, groups, photography clubs and corporate to enable them to learn photography at their convenience. Our corporate clientele includes reputed companies such as Intel, IBM, Club Mahindra, McAfee and many others.



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Learn photography in mumbai  -toehold