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How to Buy Japanese Cars

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Japanese used cars in terms of price, reliability and quality are among the most attractive in the secondary market. Therefore, their popularity among Russian motorists is consistently high. From this material you will learn where and how to buy a right-handed car, and what problems you may encounter.

What is attractive right-handed cars
The advantages of Japanese cars with a lot of mileage. Among the main reliability, price, technical condition, cheap parts and modern filling.

However, the one who thinks, they say, buy a right-handed car and get rid of any problems forever, is mistaken. In addition to the advantages, Japanese used cars have disadvantages.

The unusual arrangement of the steering wheel creates difficulties when overtaking other vehicles, as it is inconvenient for the driver to watch the oncoming lane. If the “Japanese” is not equipped with a special video camera that monitors the “oncoming” and transmits the image to the monitor inside the cabin, for the sake of safety, a system of periscopic mirrors will have to be spent (cost depending on the manufacturer varies from 1 to 4 thousand rubles).

In addition, Japanese right-handed cars require mandatory reconfiguration of headlights. The latter (again, due to the unconventional location of the steering wheel) “mow down” to the left. Therefore, when driving on domestic roads in the dark, they are more illuminating the oncoming vehicles, while the light almost does not fall on the side of the road. This can lead to accidents. The cost of adapting headlights to Russian conditions in Moscow is 1-1.5 thousand rubles.

Where to buy a Japanese car
Consider the most popular ways of acquiring right-handed cars.

Option 1. We buy "Japanese" from the hands
We buy "Japanese" from the hands

The advantages of finding a right-hand drive car for ads on the Internet or print media are the lack of the need to reconfigure headlights and to acquire a system of periscopic mirrors. If the seller used the vehicle in Russia - most likely, he has already adapted the Japanese car to the new operating conditions.

Among the minuses:

a small selection of brands and models (unless, of course, you are buying a car in the Far East, where right-handed vehicles are many times more left-handed);
costly time and effort (it may take weeks or even months to find the right option);
the need to check the technical condition of a right-handed car, especially if it ran through Russia for more than one year (domestic roads can “kill” even a super-reliable and super-quality Japanese car).

Option 2. Buy a car with the right wheel on the market
We buy a car with the right wheel on the market

Among the advantages of this method is the opportunity to inspect several vehicles at once. The main disadvantage is a high risk of running into fraudsters who try to “push” you a broken or legally problematic car.

Option 3. We buy a right-handed car through an intermediary company
Companies offering such services in Russia is enough. Among the advantages of this method, experts call:

large selection of vehicles;
no need to search the car yourself.
It should not be forgotten that the purpose of the intermediary is to get the maximum profit from the transaction. Unscrupulous companies are trying to buy broken and faulty right-handed cars in Japan. Then they are restored and resold to gullible Russian buyers. Therefore, choosing such a method of acquiring transport, be sure to check its technical condition. Otherwise, there is a chance to buy a Japanese car with a lot of technical problems.

Option 4. We buy a right-handed car at auction

Experts call this method of acquiring vehicles from Japan the safest and most profitable. Among the advantages of the auction purchase:

low prices;
varied selection;
no need to check the technical condition of the machine.
All lots in the auction are pre-examined by qualified specialists. Information obtained in this case is recorded in a special act, which is available for review to all bidders.

You can buy a Japanese used car at one of the auctions in Japan by yourself. However, it is easier to use the services of a specialized brokerage company whose employees will select the right-handed car in accordance with the wishes of the client. You can also order a car delivery to the territory of Russia.

Option 5. Buy a used Japanese car through the tender platform

Tender platform - one of the varieties of the auction. Most often, right-handed vehicles are sold there after being rented or leased. A significant difference between the tender platform and the auction is in the form of the organization of bidding. After the organizers set the initial price of the lot, the buyer indicates the maximum he is willing to pay for it. The bidding process is a gradual increase in rates to the maximum limit specified by the participants. The latter, however, do not have the ability to control the buying process online, as in a regular auction. The results of the auction organizers report the participant who offered the highest price. If there are two or more applicants who have indicated the same amount, the person who registered their bid in the system will buy the car in the end.

Known tender platforms are: ORIX, Shisuroke, NPS, SMAP and others.

In addition to auctions and tender sites, you can buy used Japanese cars in the so-called drains. Prices are fixed. Vehicles are sold through drains that could not be sold at auctions and tender platforms.

Where to check the legal purity of a used right-handed car

Not so long ago, due to the fact that the “Japanese” do not have a VIN, it was not easy to learn the history of such vehicles. Today it is no longer a problem. Enter the registration plate data in the search field and click on the “Check Auto” button. From the detailed report prepared by the service, the buyer learns about:

the number of former owners;
registration actions that were performed with the car;
traffic police fines;
Accidents visited by a right-handed car;
the presence of encumbrances that will be an obstacle to the state registration of the vehicle in the traffic police.
Using the online service "CarZaamin", you protect yourself from scammers and get an adequate idea of ​​the vehicle you want to buy.


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