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What to Do When HP PCs Lock Up and Freeze

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HP personal computers are largely used all over the world. They are all helpful in getting the desired work done and that too very
quickly. But it can be quite annoying when all of a sudden the computer starts freezing or locks up unexpectedly. There can be
several possible reasons that are causing the computer to behave this way. It might become difficult for you to deal with the issue on your own as it will consume a lot of time in searching for solutions over the internet. Fortunately, you can call at the HP Support Phone Number and directly talk to the HP expert about your problem.

To resolve the issue, let’s first check what are the problems created when the computer suddenly freezes or locks up:

The system will not respond to the mouse pointer.
The keyboard will not function the way it was already doing.
Windows display will get stuck on the screen displayed to you.
The mouse cursor will always show busy and will not work.

Steps to follow when HP PCs freeze or locks up

1. First, you should restart your computer when your computer freezes as you will not be able to do anything more. Press the main power button of the CPU for some time and wait for the system to power down. After some time, again turn on the system to check if it is operational now.

2. The system is freezing and the chances are there is a virus in the system. You must perform a routine scan in order to ensure that your system is free from all such malicious threats.

3. If there are a huge number of temporary files stored on your system, it is definitely going to freeze or hang. To remove all such temporary files, and clear the system cache, you must run the disk cleanup application. This will improve the speed of the system.

4. If you have no issue in completely cleaning your system, you can try formatting the hard drive. Doing this will remove all the files, programs, and multimedia data. This way you can start from scratch and give your system a fresh start.

This way you can fix the issue with HP computer when it starts freezing or gets locked up. If nothing works in your favor, you can
avail the next best option of calling the tech support staff. At HP helpline number, the technical executives are available round the clock and they can suggest you the best mehtod out of any issue you are facing with HP desktops.


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