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Mold testing in Naples is done by Indoor Mold Specialists.the company uses various methods to remove mold. Fabric restoration is a very popular method of mold removal. it helps to remove molds from any kind of cloth like curtains, carpets etc. There are many detergent solution to physically remove mold. Professional mold removal is required when mold growth has become significant and out of control. Indoor mold Specialists has licensed mold inspector who uses mold remediation method according to the stages of mold growth i.e nominal,normal or extreme. Indoor Mold Specialists does mold test all over florida. For any type of Home Mold Test in Naples indoor mold specialists is the convinient solution. The company follows three main types of mold test :

  1. Air testing-samples are taken from air of the home and are examined in lab
  2. Surface testing- samples are taken from house hold surfaces by swabbing or tape lifting
  3. Bulk testing- material pieces are collected from all around the home and sent to lab for further examination


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