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Different types of detectors are used by leak locator to detect leaks of different sizes.all these detectors use high end technologies. For this reason for any leak detection in port charlotte leak locator is the best company to consult. Some of the leak detector that leak locator uses are :

  1. Portable detectors  are used for on site detection. These detectors helps to repair leaks of small size and which are clearly visible naked eye
  2. Company leak detectors are used for heavy weight industries.
  3. Stationary high performance detectors are used when time span is less and fast clean up is required. These leak detectors are used in large scale electronic components.

There are various methods of leak detection, such as- Pressure change method, halogene leak detectors, mass spectrometer, radioisotope method and dye penetrant method. Leak locator uses various Leak Detectors in Port Charlotte to find out leak and repair them.


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