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The stone guard tank guide

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15 Jan 2013 1 Nov 2012 If an off-tank's Guardian is petrifying, that off-tank needs to taunt one of the main tank's Guardians. If one of the main tank's Guardians is12 Mar 2017 Full Tank Royal Guard A PVM guide by Patosito Hey! Hard MDEF - Frozen, Stone - A well geared RG will be able to reach 100 MDEF so 19 Oct 2012 Here it is, my first complete heroic tanking guide in eight months. I have some brewmaster-specific advice, but most of it is about taunting 6 Oct 2012 28 Nov 2012 The Stone Guard detailed strategy guide: abilities, positioning, tactics, Rend Flesh is a bleed effect that each Guardian applies on its tank. 29 Apr 2018 5 Damage-Oriented Tank Build (PvM) The Royal Guard is a Melee Tank-specialist class. .. Keep in mind that this card does not give full immunity to Stone and Sleep unless you have it in both your upper and mid headgear 9 Oct 2012 Your job as tank is to taunt the stone guards back and forth, depending on which one is casting Petrify. In general, this is the logic you should 19 Nov 2012

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