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Victory Movie Download

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Victory Movie Download

Spartacus and his outnumbered rebels make one last attempt to win freedom in an epic final battle against the Romans led by Marcus Crassus. Rebels bands, whose leaders each pretend to be Spartacus, striking all over the region confuse the Romans. One of two columns with mainly women and children thus escapes, the other is captured and bloodily made into examples, crucified along the Via Appia. Once Crassus realizes the truth about Tiberius, Kore suffers the same fate. Spartacus cunningly prepared the battle field he chose to oppose Crassus's legions in a desperate last battle, with Gannicus in commanded of a mounted reserve to pincer the Roman infantry. Nevertheless, the last true gladiators fall one by one, so Crassus and Caesar triumph, only to be forced politically to allow Pompey, who actually arrived to late, to take the main credit, so as to forge the triumvirate which will take over Rome. There's so much to say about the finale and yet so hard to choose the right words. Phenomenal, breathtaking, heartbreaking, brilliant, etc; the list goes on. I sat in great anticipation of how the show would portray this historical, already knowing the ultimate outcome. I already that the Rebel army would be defeated by Crassus, knew that most (if not all) of the slaves would be killed and that Spartacus would be mortally wounded in battle but his body would not be claimed by the Romans. The final battle sequence was beautiful. I think that they focused on the correct points of the battle, showing each death of characters that the audience had come to love. My only reserve, was Gannicus' death. Or rather, it would have been had he not hallucinated being in the arena for the last time. As a Gladiator to the heart, Im sure he would rather died with sword in hand, rather than be crucified but his vision of Oenomaeus and his final "return" to the arena made it fitting. Liam's performance for his final stand against Crassus was MAGICAL!! His acting was so superb. The setup for this fight, goes back to his speech to the rebels who would not be joining the battle and they all thanked him for "saving them." When looking at Spartacus on this show, one sees a great man who lost something dear to him and began giving to others what he could not secure for himself and his wife. And these people knew it and were grateful for it. So watching that same man who impacted the lives of so many, fight tooth and nail against Crassus' men completely drew me in. I was on the edge of my seat as he fought Crassus himself. (When Crassus disarmed him by grabbing the gladius with his bare hands, i thought Sparty was a goner. but it was not so.) It was hard to tell what would stop this unmovable force called Spartacus- I knew at some point, he would have to stop fighting. But would Crassus stab him? would he be shot by arrows from behind? What? then he gets impaled by spears... and i seriously teared up. such an intense moment and the very fitting verbal exchange between Crassus and Spartacus..."Would that you had been a Roman and stood beside me." "I bless the fates that it was not so." History tells that while it is widely accepted that Spartacus died in battle, there is no official death record for him. His body was never discovered. So it was appropriate to have him taken from the battlefield by Agron and Nasir to die far from Roman eyes. I like that our hero reiterates that his name is not Spartacus without actually sharing what it truly is. (Some things are better off as mysteries) And having Agron say the final farewell was perfect. Job well done to the entire cast and crew, they have seriously made the best television show in history. Never have I been so emotionally engulfed by ANYTHING... EVER... on television. What makes it even more remarkable is that we all new how the story would end. We all know the story... It's historical fact. Most of us saw the movie with Kurt Douglas. YET... STILL... I stand in AW of how it played out. The acting, the fight scenes, the wardrobes, etc... perfection. This perfection was at its finest with the story line of GANICUS. When his story reached it's conclusion, I found myself OVERWHELMED with emotion. BRAVO Spartacus!!! The actors, the writers, the directors... the entire crew... As far as I am concerned, you have set a very new (and high) standard in the television game.


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