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Hum 720p Movies

A wealthy and cruel businessman, Bhaktawar lord over a dockyard making all the workers his slaves. All the workers will work but no one will entail a salary, the union leader Tiger opposes this and protests and is eventually silenced by Bhaktawar. Tiger is unable to take any drastic step against Bhaktawar because Pratab, Tiger's dad is Bhaktawar bodyguard. Taking advantage of Tiger weakness, Bhaktawar eventually murder Pratab publicly thus enraged Tiger who eventually murder Bhaktawar, setting the dockyard on fire and escape from the police. Years later Tiger is now known as Shekhar, a respected man with two brothers Kumar and Vijay. Tiger must now ensure that his past life is buried and ensnared a bright future for his two brothers. Tiger is employed as a menial laborer in, 'Bombay's dock', owned and run by a criminal master-mind Bakhtawar. Bakhtawar's treatment towards his workers angers Tiger who opposes this but is silence by Pratap; who is the security in-charge of Bakhtawar and who also happens to be Tiger's father. Then one day a scandal break out between Bakhtawar and Tiger leaving Bakhtawar dead. Tiger is then forced to run far-away from the police; he takes refuge in a rural village and years later he is now called Shekhar a man with two younger brothers, Kumar and Vijay. His past will come to catch up with him especially when he finds out that Bakhtawar is still alive. Leaving out all the goofs, i would rate the film 8. That's because Rajinikanth has acted, and he speaks in his 1st language 'Kannada'.

Movie, has many goofs, yet fine to watch since you can see Amitabh and Rajini together. Cigarette act of Rajinikanth is good to see, he flicks it and puts into the mouth sudden - it looks like graphically made, but he does it.

The movie happens in Mumbai, Ooty, and Bangalore. All Bangaloreans should watch the movie. Amitabh has acted well. Govinda's role is like a dude. I don't know the names of the heroins, but the 'Jumaa Chumma' song is the best in the film. I hate when the little girl sometimes start singing suddenly in the plot of the movie. I remember when this film had come out in India all the hype that was going around in the UK and when the film finally reached the UK for days the local cinema's were all sold out, and when you could finally find a time that was suitable tickets were being sold at £25, what a bloody rip off, credit to the cinema owners though, they knew where and when to make their money.

Finally got to see it, when the local video shop had it, and by complete and utter fluke my parents and I happened to turn up to see what film we could rent out, and there sat 'HUM' literally just arrived. So as I sat down finally with my drinks and snacks for the cinema atmosphere, i went into the film with an open mind trying to forget about all the reviews I heard prior to watching this film.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the film from start to finish. The film had me tensed up, on the edge of your seat sort of drama with light relief between scenes, is what you require from a film. The film writers had finally (to me anyway) made a story line which captivated it audiences perfectly. Each character had it's own story, but the director made sure this was not detailed too much as this would have prolonged a film unnecessarily, the character of Bakhtawar is fantastically portrayed by Danny Denzongpa who is a total class act anyway. The songs were fantastic, and the club battle between Vijay / Kumar against Captain Attack with the batman theme playing in the background is a great great scene. Rajnikant when he's miming with the cigarette in his mouth is mesmerising! Utter Class.

Overall a film definitely worth watching for all the family, mainly for it's originality. Possibly my favourite 'bollywood' film of all time.


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