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Take Down That Million Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

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Take Down That Million Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

The four teams travel from Palma de Mallorca, Spain to Chenonceaux, France. In the Loire Valley, one person from each team has to pick three different types of mushrooms in a terrifying Road Block. The final three teams then travel to New York City, New York, where some people have to escape like Houdini before the first team to reach the finish line wins the US$1 million prize. loved this show but will not watch anymore of them..

Its Not that we didn't want gays to win, We didn't care it was a great show but the same sex kiss at prime time pg viewers...Its not OK. Geeze. Why why shove it in our faces. I don't want to watch this type of stuff. Thats why we watched this show. Adventurous and fun but then you had to be like all the other shows and shove it in our faces. We have a right to our opinion without judging. We think it is not something we want our children to believe it is the way everyone is expected to like. We will no longer watch this show as it is our opinion, you are trying to ask us not to accept gays... but condone it. We don't and we wont..

Shame on you. Bad judgment call in our opinion.


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